Much to be thankful for

I'm thankful for many things.

Here's my top 25 things I'm thankful for  and which allow me to enjoy the outdoors:

  1. My job

  2. My friend Roy, who lets me stay at his cabin and deer hunt whenever I want

  3. My Original maple Rich-N-Tone duck call

  4. Slipping on my Muck boots every morning at 6:00 a.m. to walk the dog

  5. Getting to take my boys hunting and fishing

  6. Ducks coming down through the trees committed to the decoys

  7. Eating my brother-in-law's cooking at deer camp

  8. Wool

  9. Hot coffee and bacon in the morning before hunting

  10. Friends who invite me to hunt and fish with them

  11. Cooking with cast iron

  12. Grandpa's camp box

  13. Taking kids hunting and fishing

  14. Walking to my deer stand

  15. A good fly rod

  16. My old Richline canoe

  17. Brook trout and smallmouth bass

  18. Mountain streams

  19. A good hunting dog

  20. Barred owls and gobblers

  21. Re-reading "Big Two-hearted River" (parts one and two)

  22. Mamma Crick's wood duck dressing

  23. Grouse hunting

  24. A campfire

  25. My job

Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful times afield to all of you.