Ohio stores offering alligator meat

Some Ohio stores stocked up on alligator meat in
anticipation of demand from Ohio State fans holding pregame feasts
for Monday's championship between the top-ranked Buckeyes and the
No. 2 Florida Gators.

Akron's West Point Market is selling alligator meat for $14.99 a

Columbus-area Meijer stores are selling frozen alligator
fillets for $6.99 a pound, telling customers in an advertisement to
``bring home your own slice of gator.''

The advertisement for the
Meijer promotion includes a drawing of a snarling buckeye nut with
the tail of an alligator sticking out of its mouth.

Meijer stores also promoted ``tailgator'' parties on

Doug Fulton, West Point's manager of meat, seafood and
oven-ready food and a University of Florida graduate said he
has been cooking and serving gator for years. Fulton, a
professional chef for 17 years, is quick to note that alligator
does not taste like chicken.

``It's more of a chicken texture, but I tell people it tastes
like alligator,'' he said.