Canada dedicates $25 million to protect Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canada announced Sunday it
will spend $25 million to protect one of the largest intact
temperate rainforests left in the world.

The Great Bear Rainforest, a 16-million-acre preserve that
stretches 250 miles along British Columbia's rugged Pacific
coastline, is teeming with grizzly bears, wolves and wild salmon
and is the ancestral home of many native tribes.

Last February, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell said the
province would protect close to one-third of the region from all
logging and would require sustainable logging practices in the

The latest funds, announced by Environment Minister John Baird,
are in addition to the $51 million that private organizations and
philanthropic groups committed to the rainforest.

Temperate rain forests are coniferous or broadleaf forests that
occur in the mid-latitudes in areas of high rainfall.