Who's Got Game? Vote on best largemouth region

C'mon California and the rest of the West. Have you no pride?

Lay your claim to the best region for largemouth bass fishing by voting in "Who's Got Game"?

Didn't Mac Weakley and others on the Bassmaster Top 25 list show the West has the majority of the biggest bass ever caught in the nation.

Yet, with 53 percent, the Southeast is running away our question: which region has the best largemouth bass fishing?

Is the largemouth bass fishing really the best in the Southeast? Our voters sure seem to think so.

Say, Texas, don't you have some pretty awesome largemouth lakes? Well then get in there and vote. It's rather surprising that, among voters in Texas, the Southwest is only leading the Southeast by 2 percentage points. What gives?

The Northeast came away as the winner of the first Who's Got Game? poll on ESPNOutdoors.com.

We are asking readers which region is best for a variety of outdoor endeavors in order to tell you "Who's Got Game."

You can find the polls on the far right of our main index pages, under the video.

Please submit comments on why your selected region is best in the ESPN Conversation section at the bottom of this page. We will have experts weigh in on the poll findings and include some of your comments.