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Hunters track comings, goings of quarry
Deer hunters never know what kind of hidden gems their trail cameras will capture on film.
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Blue catfish: The new shark of the James
Tim Wilson thought the James River was too orange and murky for fishing when he cut up chunks of shad for bait and dropped a few lines in the water south of Richmond in late May.
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Idaho F&G plan to kill pelicans hits obstacles
BOISE, Idaho — Federal officials have told the Idaho fish and game officials that their plan to halve the number of pelicans nesting in southern and eastern Idaho by 2013 to boost fisheries is an "eradication program" that needs more work.
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Myanmar fossil may shed light on evolution
BANGKOK, Thailand — Fossils recently discovered in Myanmar could prove that the common ancestors of humans, monkeys and apes evolved from primates in Asia, rather than Africa, researchers contend in a study released Wednesday.
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Group: World failing to halt biodiversity decline
GENEVA — Governments are failing to stem a rapid decline in biodiversity that is now threatening extinction for almost half the world's coral reef species, a third of amphibians and a quarter of mammals, a leading environmental group warned Thursday.
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Fleet cuts, quotas the buzz at tuna meet
SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain — It's no secret that overfishing has driven many tuna species including the iconic blue fin to the brink of extinction.
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Noted artist catches N.Y. record brook trout
Many people are familiar with Tom Yacovella, an award-winning artist from Central New York. Those who know Tom also know that he is an avid and successful hunter and fisherman as well. Now he has added another honor to his impressive list: he has recently caught a monster brook trout that will be a new New York State record.
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Md. shark records shattered
Two state records were broken in last weekend's Ocean City Shark Tournament, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
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Fla. fishermen lie to officers; child sets record straight
SANTA ROSA COUNTY — Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers arrested two adults who were in possession of undersize red drum, according to the FWC's weekly report.
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Reality TV show to star Duck Commander
When representatives from the firearms manufacturer Benelli approached Ouachita Parish's Phil Robertson about filming a new TV series about his family and Duck Commander company, he was skeptical.
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Ducks Unlimited supports bill to benefit hunters
WASHINGTON — Ducks Unlimited applauds the introduction of two bills aimed at ensuring the next generation of waterfowl hunters has access to the duck blind, and protecting America's rich hunting heritage. The Hunting Heritage Protection Act, introduced by Sens. Max Baucus (Mont.) and Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) in the Senate and Representative Denny Rehberg (Mont.) in the House would require federal lands to be better managed for hunting.
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Coastal seagrass increasingly being lost
WASHINGTON — Coastal development and declining water quality are threatening seagrasses worldwide, researchers report. A study of coastal grasses around the world shows that 58 percent of the seagrass meadows are in decline, according to a report in Tuesday's edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Great Lakes wolves returning to endangered list
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — The federal government on Monday agreed to put gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region back on the endangered species list - at least temporarily.
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Trillions of invasive mussels in Lake Mead
LAS VEGAS — University researchers estimate that Lake Mead's Boulder Basin is infested with nearly three trillion invasive mussels.
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Wisconsin pastor delivers message on the importance of hunting
There was a time when hunting was as natural for Wisconsinites as rooting for the Green and Gold.
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Missouri deer have killed two dogs, injured several others
HELENA — Two dogs have been killed by does in the last few weeks, prompting Helena Police Chief Troy McGee to warn residents.
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Litter of lynx kittens heartens Colo. biologists
DENVER — The discovery of 10 lynx kittens this spring marks the first newborns documented in Colorado since 2006, heartening biologists overseeing restoration of the mountain feline.
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Forgotten British evolutionist lives in Darwin's shadow
SANTUBONG, Malaysia — As he trudges past chest-high ferns and butterflies the size of saucers, George Beccaloni scours a jungle hilltop overlooking the South China Sea for signs of a long-forgotten Victorian-era scientist.
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Ore. woman who fed bears ousted from house
NEWPORT, Ore. — Karen Noyes often fed the black bears that came to her home near the Oregon coast. Then things got out of hand.
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Angler sets new record by landing half ton shark in Ireland
The catch, which breaks a number of records and provides a the ultimate fishing anecdote, was made by pensioner Joe Waldis off the coast of County Clare in south west Ireland and took 35 minutes to haul in.
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Surprise: Fish in acidic waters grow bigger ears
WASHINGTON — Listen up! Carbon dioxide being absorbed by the oceans is having a puzzling effect on fish — their ears get bigger.
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