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Texas boaters fought heat, hunger for week in Gulf
BLESSING, Texas — Three Texas fishermen who spent eight days stranded in the Gulf of Mexico atop their capsized boat endured hunger, blistering heat, scares from sharks and hallucinations, but they never gave up hope they'd be rescued.
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Rare American goose decoy to be auctioned in NYC
NEW YORK — A rare, 19th century hand-carved goose decoy that once plied Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River before being sold in Argentina, and considered by some to be a floating sculpture, is going on the auction block. It could bring in as much as $400,000.
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Settlement between feds, environmentalists give mountain plovers second chance at protection
DENVER — Federal officials will reconsider whether a bird that breeds in Colorado and neighboring states and summers in California should be protected.
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California ag authorities say dangerous citrus pest now found as far north as Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES —A pest that can carry a fatal citrus disease has been found in Los Angeles County, stoking fears that California's $1.6 billion citrus industry could be hit by a potentially devastating threat.
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Warm Shore waters draw creatures from afar
A delicately feathered roseate spoonbill, a whopping 461/2-pound barracuda, a Florida manatee, and a host of other exotic visitors vacationed on the Jersey Shore this summer.
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Bahamas set to ban catch and sale of sea turtles
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Soups, stews and pies flavored with chunks of sea turtle meat will soon be illegal across the 700 islands of the Bahamas, environmental activists and scientists said Sunday.
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Idaho wolf tag sales brisk as judge considers hunt
BOISE, Idaho — Matt Yost has hunted elk, deer and antelope for years on a college buddy's sheep ranch in Idaho's Southern Mountains, not far from the resort region of Sun Valley.

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$68,000 in restitution ordered after Haines City man kills trophy buck
A Haines City man, serving probation for beheading a prized breeding buck last year, found out that this was one deer worth a lot of dough.
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Woman smashes NZ tuna record
AT JUST 19 a Tauranga woman has landed the "catch of a lifetime", reeling in a record-breaking 281kg blue fin tuna.
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Colorado wildlife experts get aggressive going after smart bears
Colorado wildlife overseers flummoxed by a rash of bear-human conflicts are searching for options, from "adverse conditioning" to haze nuisance bears that have been trapped to raising the number of hunting permits to thin the population.
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Grasshopper infestation raises toxic beetle worry
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — An outbreak of grasshoppers this summer could be behind recent detections in Wyoming of a toxic beetle that can be deadly if eaten by horses, according to agriculture officials.
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Guns near Obama fuel 'open-carry' debate
Gun owners may be arguing among themselves and with gun-control activists about it, but for Mustapha Kassou, there's no debate over the "open-carry" movement, which created a furor this month when pistol- and rifle-packing citizens showed up near several public appearances by President Barack Obama.
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Grunion only fish you have to run after to catch
SAN PEDRO, Calif. — If the tide is high, the weather is warm, the clock is approaching midnight and the beach you're standing on is in Southern California, it's a given that romance is in the air - or the water. In these parts, it's a time for grunion love.
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Three nabbed in Yosemite poaching case
Three men face multiple poaching charges for hunting within Yosemite National Park, according to park officials.
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Death rate spikes among migrating whooping cranes
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A federal official says the world's only naturally migrating whooping cranes died at about twice their normal rate last year and will likely see an overall drop in numbers this year.
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Ga. dog pack shows fine line between pet, predator
WASHINGTON — A dog pack blamed for the killings of a Georgia couple is a reminder of the fragility of mankind's pact with canines. Underlying the relationship between the species is a simple expectation: We feed them, they don't kill us.
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6 juvenile wolves found dead in Idaho
BOISE, Idaho — Idaho officials say six juvenile wolves were found decomposing on U.S. Forest Service land.
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Politicians aim for shooters' votes
Clark County Shooting Park dedication triggers assertions of gun rights support

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Research finds higher acidity in Alaska waters
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Erosion threatens to topple coastal Alaskan villages. Melting ice threatens polar bears. Now, a marine scientist says the state's marine waters are turning acidic from absorbing greenhouse gases faster than tropical waters, potentially endangering Alaska's $4.6 billion fishing industry.

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Commerce secretary approves Arctic fisheries plan
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The nation's secretary of commerce has approved a plan that would prohibit an expansion of commercial fishing in the Arctic, at least until more is known about the area.

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Beetles, wildfire: Double threat in warming world
HAINES JUNCTION, Yukon Territory — A veil of smoke settled over the forest in the shadow of the St. Elias Mountains, in a wilderness whose spruce trees stood tall and gray, a deathly gray even in the greenest heart of a Yukon summer.

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Rare flesh-eating bacteria kills man after fishing trip
A Baytown man has died from illness caused by exposure to a rare pathogen often referred to as flesh-eating bacteria.

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In hot water: World sets ocean temperature record
WASHINGTON — Steve Kramer spent an hour and a half swimming in the ocean Sunday - in Maine. The water temperature was 72 degrees - more like Ocean City, Md., this time of year. And Ocean City's water temp hit 88 degrees this week, toasty even by Miami Beach standards.

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Grizzly mystery: Who shot big Montana bear?
GREAT FALLS, Mont. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is offering a reward for information leading to the conviction of whoever illegally shot and killed what officials say was one of Montana's largest grizzly bears.

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Carving a future for creating duck decoys
NEWVILLE — When Bob Swann saw a thousand ruddy ducks on Lake Koshkonong, he decided to carve decoys replicating the bird.

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His record's gone, but fish story keeps growing
Dr. Jim Daniel, whose 942-pound blue marlin was a state record for 20 years until this month's White Marlin Open, shows a catch during the April striped bass trophy season.

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HILTS: A year for the record books
What a year it's been so far on the fisheries scene, and there's a solid argument that it's been one for the record books! And, it's still only August...
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Calvert angler hooks third IGFA record
After a memorable catch last August, avid Calvert County fisherman Robert LaVey now has three entries in the International Game Fish Association's record book.
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