Police: Two dogs killed their elderly owner

GLENWOOD, Ga. — A 74-year-old animal lover was found dead
in her home after what police believe was a brutal attack by the
woman's two mixed-breed dogs.

Neighbors reported a commotion recently at the house of Laverne
Ford, a retired nurse's aide who lived alone with the dogs and many

When an officer arrived, the larger dog — estimated at between
50 and 60 pounds — was sitting next to Ford's body, Wheeler County
Sheriff James Peacock said. Both dogs had blood on them and are
believed to have taken part in the attack.

"I've seen dog bites before, but I'd never seen anything like
this," Peacock said.

The officer shot the larger dog after it threatened the officer,
and the other dog, which weighed about 30 pounds, fled into a
bathroom and officers locked it inside.

Neighbors said the dogs had become mean, and Ford put up a gate
to keep them out of her living room. Mary Cheek, who used to work
at a hospital with Ford, said the woman took in "any stray dog or
cat she could get."

"That was her only company," she said. "The very thing she
had loved and took care of all her life killed her."