Huntertainment's Wild Turkey Opoly

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ESPNOutdoors.com comment: Because every other variation on the Monopoly game model has been exhausted, here comes one based on turkey hunts, a year after the debut of Whitetailopoly.

Product: Huntertainment's Wild Turkey Opoly

Description: The classic, Depression-busting board game with real turkey hunting clubs as properties, "License Suspended" instead of "Go to Jail," and hunt-themed "Take a Shot" and "Sportsman's Club" cards. Company president Darin Overholser said people submitted suggestions for the cards via MySpace; instead of winning beauty contests and getting elected chairman of the board, players now pass lie detector tests about the deer they shot and find morel mushrooms (score!) on otherwise fruitless hunts. Retail is $30.

More info: www.huntertainment.com