Turkey Skinz

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Turkey Skinz
Manufacturer: A-Way Hunting Products

Turkey Skinz is a new and affordable creation from A-Way Hunting Products that takes the advantages of stuffed turkey decoys and combines that with a low retail price for hunters.

Greg Abbas, President of A-Way Hunting Products and a professional guide for 18 years, claims that nothing works better than real feathers. Most hunters can't afford decoys with real feathers, however.

That is where Turkey Skinz come in.

"We like to say, 'Real feathers, real results,'" Abbas said. "So we created a product using real feathers that will fit over any conventional decoy."

Real turkey feathers have been applied to a waterproof fabric and attach to a regular decoy by way of four velcro straps. The waterproofing allows the skins to last for years in all weather.

"For the price of one of the stuffed decoys, you can purchase 6-8 of these," said Abbas.

The Turkey Skinz come fit any brand and any style of decoy with the exception of a full-strut model.

Suggested retail: $49.99
Web site: www.awayhunting.com

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