The new Crockett

Seven year-old Tre Merritt (left) poses with Joe Saracini and their trophy bear. Courtesy Mike Merritt

DEWITT, Ark. Two years ago, a five-year-old boy named Tre Merritt from Dewitt, Ark, made national headlines by shooting and killing a black bear that weighed more than 400 pounds.

It didn't hurt the story that Merritt is the 10th grandson of famous bear killer (among other things) Davy Crockett.

Merritt, nicknamed "Deadeye" by his family for his aim, took his second black bear in early December at the experienced age of 7.

He was bow hunting when he saw the bear move behind a few trees roughly 30 yards away.

"Don't move papaw," Merritt said to his grandfather, Mike Merritt.

Merritt prepared his bow, but couldn't comfortably get it above the blind to get the shot he wanted. Tre Merritt already has two doe and a buck to his name with a bow, but Mike Merritt went for Tre's youth model 243 when he saw him struggling to get the bow above the edge of the blind.

Tre put the shot behind the bear's leg; it ran 20 yards and fell over dead. It weighed in at around 300 pounds.

"It was quite thrilling," Mike Merritt said.

That brings Tre Merritt's lifetime harvest at nine deer and two bear, which is a bag few, if any, kids his age can boast.