New bows from the 2010 ATA show

The Athens Exceed 300 was probably the finest shooting bow from a small company at this year's ATA show. 

Quest Primal

After a quick start in the bow making business a couple years ago, Quest has continually upgraded their offerings every year. This year is no different.

The Quest Primal is new for 2010 and is the best Quest bow ever.

Their Twin Track SYNC Modular Cam System rolls over nicely in the draw, and eliminates the snap-over of some bows. Like a lot of more expensive bows, Primal also did away with the cable slide and replaced it with a fully contained I-Glide Cable System.


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All of this and other features results in a bow that also has an easier let down than most, but that still achieves 330 feet per second. MSRP: $700.

For more information, call (866) 456-8836 or visit www.questbowhunting.com.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix

This is the craziest-looking bow by Hoyt yet, but the new Matrix is also a workhorse and the toughest bow ever made.

Twisted, carbon wrapped aluminum tubes serve as the riser on the Matrix. The bow is ultra light (3.8 pounds), but still strong enough to support the weight of a monster truck rolling over it without damage.

The Matrix comes in black or camo and flings arrows at 318 feet per second. It is a very expensive bow, but Hoyt thinks it's worth it for the hunter who requires a lightweight weapon that is durable. MSRP: $1700

For more information, call (801) 363-2990 or visit www.hoyt.com.

New Breed Genetix

Though only a couple years old, New Breed has put together a first class compound bow with blisteringly fast speed.

The Genetix sports the best components available, including Barnsdale limbs and a riser cut from a solid block of aluminum. The two cam bow produces speeds of 345 feet per second, making it one of the fastest bows available.

The Genetix draws smooth and has a solid back wall. The valley on this bow is quite smooth as well – good news for shooters who don't like an abrupt let off.

The Genetix will only be available at archery shops and at a comparatively low price. MSRP: $719.

For more information, call (251) 363-6513 or visit www.newbreedarchery.com.

Anderson Apollo

With only a 29.25 inches axle-to-axle length, the Apollo is well suited for treestand or blind hunting. It's light (3.1 pounds) and plenty fast too (305 feet per second).

The Apollo draws smooth and has a hard stop, which is preferred by a lot of hunters.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about this bow is that it shoots like top end bows but only costs a fraction of what they will set you back. MSRP: $569.

For more information, call (765) 643-6691 or visit www.andersonbow.com.

Carbon Express Covert XB-3.5 crossbow

This is a big, somewhat heavy crossbow, but is perfect for stationary hunters who like a stable, rock-solid weapon.

The 200-pound pull delivers bolts at 350 feet per second. The trigger is crisp, but doesn't require too much yanking.

The frame is ready for a hand crank for crossbow hunters who like the ease they provide in cocking the bow. The fore-grip is also customizable. MSRP: $800.

For more information, call (800) 241-4833 or visit www.cxcrossbows.com.

Bowtech Destroyer 340

Bowtech's new Binary Cam System on the Destroyer 340 makes it more tunable than previous models. The innovations don't stop at the cams on this bow, however.

The limbs are fully laminated, utilizing two types of glass. One layer stretches, while the other compresses. The result is the first bow limb that uses all of the energy available. The new limbs are also less prone to splintering than ever before.

Like all Bowtech bows, the Destroyer 340 draws without a hitch and releases with no hand shock. It shoots a blistering 340 feet per second. MSRP: $900.

For more information, visit www.bowtecharchery.com.

Athens Exceed 300

The Athens Exceed 300 was probably the finest shooting bow from a small company at this year's ATA show. In fact, seasoned shooters would find it difficult to distinguish it from any of the big name bows.

The details given to quality are impressive on this weapon. The limbs, string, cams and grip are second to none, and it shows in the way it feels on the draw.

The draw cycle is very smooth and it holds well at full draw. It has a nicely solid back wall and propels arrows at a fast 330 feet per second. MSRP: $850.

For more information, call (574) 224-2300 or visit www.athensarchery.com.