Too easy

Editor's note: To accompany Deer Camp 2010, we've asked athletes, prominent figures and outdoorsmen to relate their first deer kill.

Terry Butcher has been fishing professionally with BASS since 2005. The Talala, Okla., resident has two victories, both in Central Opens, and recently competed in Toyota Trucks Championship Week as one of the top-12 anglers of the 2010 season. The story of his first deer was related by Butcher with occasional interjections by brother-in-law and fellow Elite Series angler Edwin Evers.

My first deer with a bow was here about four years ago. I'm 39, but I've never bow hunted. Edwin [Evers] got me into bow hunting.

It was pretty cool, although the first one I actually shot I crawled up -- me and Edwin, my first day to go out in the woods with a bow. We went out there and Edwin, he got a big kick out of it.


Terry Butcher

I climbed up in one tree and he climbs up in another about 200 yards away from me. Within the first 30 minutes, here comes some does. Well heck, I'd never killed a deer before with a bow. She walked by me and I pulled back "thunk."

I knew I hit her. She took off from there and she went out there a ways and I didn't see where she went. I was inexperienced so I got down and I went trailing her blood, well Edwin he was trying to get my attention because he saw her lay down out there.

"He came climbing down that tree," Evers said. "And I'm watching this deer out there breathing and I knew it's gonna die."

She got up and took off, and then we trailed her. We come back at dark that night. We trailed her for almost a mile and never did find her.

"He came out and bumps it -- we never did find that thing," Evers said. "The second time we go hunting I was trying to text him but I couldn't, he didn't have enough cell phone reception. And then the next time we go out he drills a squirrel, just a heart shot on this squirrel out of the stand."

We went down to his [Evers] place the first day of bow season, us and a bunch of buddies. The first evening one walks by "thunk." I got her. She dropped dead.

"He kills a buck and he thinks there's nothing to it," Evers said. "I mean, he thinks, 'Man, what's the big deal with this bow hunting?' I've been bow hunting a long time now and killed a few does, it's never that easy."

That was my first one that I'd ever got.