Puma concolor

Common Names
Mountain lion, Puma, Florida panther

Wt. 90-200 lb (40-90 kg); Shoulder Ht. 24"-30" (60-76 kg); Length including tail 60"-108" (150-270 kg). The cougar is the second largest cat in the Western Hemisphere (the jaguar is the largest). It has long legs, large feet, a comparatively long neck, and a small broad head. Its ears are small and rounded. The cougar is yellowish to tawny with a white-buff color underside. Color can vary seasonally from tawny to gray. The black cougar is refered to as a panther in Florida and South America. The cougar cannot roar, but can purr and make a screaming or snarling sound. The cougar is solitary and hunts primarily at night. The female is about 40 percent smaller than the male and 1' (30 cm) shorter.

The cougar is a very adaptable cat. It is generally found in mountainous areas but is adaptable to hilly, semi-arid terrains, including lowlands, forests, swamps, grasslands and dry bush. It requires adequate cover and prey.


Western North America from British Columbia and southern Alberta south through the western United States from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. Its range continues throughout Mexico, Central America and South America. There are isolated pockets of cougars in the southeastern United States.

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