Baker's Bay Day One notes

ABACO, Bahamas  While tournament leader Jeff Hage had a banner day Saturday, his day of practice on Friday wasn't ideal.

The New Yorker thought he was hanging onto a cooler that was anchored to his guide's boat, but unfortunately the cooler was free and a sharp turn caused it, and Hage, to move and subsequently Hage was thrown into the water.

"Not only am I the leader but I stayed dry today," said Hage.

Double duty for Wejebe

Perhaps in the name of research for the coverage of the ESPN Outdoors Saltwater Series the debut is set for Sunday at 8:30 a.m., on ESPN2 Jose Wejebe, the host of the coverage for the Series, is a participant at this weekend's event.

While he didn't light up the leaderboard, Wejebe is a huge supporter of the Redbone's mission to "catch a cure" for Cystic Fibrosis.

Need Neem?

For people looking to protect themselves, cure an affliction or just lead a healthier lifestyle, perhaps Neem oil, an oil pressed from the seed of fruit grown on an certified organic farm, is the trick for you.

A popular product in the Bahamas, it is said to have a magical effect on skin conditions and it comes in handy for a mean sunburn.

The Neem tree is called the village pharmacy because of its supposed miraculous healing powers. Saddled with a bad headache, I had an attendant at the Neem store, Daphne, rub my head with the product.

Thirty minutes later, I felt great.

Horn section

Boasting a friendly "island" atmosphere, it's amazing to hear the liberal use of horns when driving (on the left side of the road, mind you) in Abaco. But the horns are used more as a friendly gesture between passing vehicles who know each other.

In Abaco, it seems everyone knows each other.

But, what do you do when you are upset at another motorist. Cab driver Sasha explains, "I use my voice and sometimes my hand."