Corey Christians selected as Collegiate Challenge wildcard competitor

University of Connecticut's Corey Christians holds on tight as his ax bursts through the white pine log on which he is standing. Matt Barnette

A panel of competition officials reviewed both the results and video replays from each of the second-place finishers at all five STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Collegiate Challenge events held across the country.

Corey Christians (from the University of Connecticut) owned the lowest cumulative scores when compared to others in the group.

His time held the top spot in both the underhand chop and stock saw, but Christians finished 10th in the single buck.

Although he experienced serious shortcomings with his equipment, the competitor showed officials he owned a very solid technique and with strong times and ability, Corey Christians earned the wildcard berth and will compete at the Collegiate Challenge finals, to be held in Columbus, Ga. on June 27.