Who picked whom

We asked the anglers fishing the Classic who they though, aside from themselves, would win the Classic. Here's what they said:

Mike Baskett: Aaron Martens

Tommy Biffle: Kevin VanDam

Brent Chapman: Alton Jones

Stephen Browning: Casey Ashley

Casey Ashley: Kevin VanDam, Skeet Reese, Aaron Martens, Gerald Swindle

Jeff Coble: Tommy Biffle, Gerald Swindle, Derek Remitz or Greg Hackney

John Crews: Aaron Martens

Boyd Duckett: Charley Hartley

Edwin Evers: Gary Klein

Todd Faircloth: None

Jeff Freeman: Skeet Reese

Jay Fuller: Boyd Duckett

Greg Hackney: Kevin VanDam, Gerald Swindle

Brent Haimes: Aaron Martens

Charlie Hartley: Todd Auten

Timmy Horton: Casey Ashley

Michael Iaconelli: Skeet Reese

Alton Jones: Brent Chapman

Kelly Jordon: Jeff Kriet

Steve Kennedy: Aaron Martens

Kotaro Kiriyama: None

Gary Klein: "They are all great anglers; just a matter of what the bite is going to be like …"

Jeff Kriet: Mike McClelland, Aaron Martens. "… if it warms up, Mike; if it stays cold, Aaron."

Jamie Laiche: Skeet Reese

Bobby Lane: Todd Auten

Chris Lane: brother Bobby Lane

Jared Lintner: Cold and deep, Aaron Martens; warmer water, Kevin VanDam

Chris Loftus: Kotaro Kiriyama, "he's one of the best drop-shotters."

Aaron Martens: Todd Faircloth

Mike McClelland: Jeff Kriet

Ish Monroe: John Murray

John Murray: Aaron Martens

Takahiro Omori: None

Cliff Pace: Gary Klein

Clark Reehm: Too many variables. If it warms up, pick run-and-gun guy like KVD. If it's cold and nasty, pick Casey Ashley or Gary Klein. Someone who uses swimbaits, like Steve Kennedy.

Skeet Reese: John Murray

Derek Remitz: Kevin VanDam

Scott Rook: None

Fred Roumbanis: None

Terry Scroggins: Casey Ashley

Kevin Short: Jeff Coble

Matthew Sphar: Casey Ashley

Gerald Swindle: Mike McClelland, Casey Ashley

Peter Thliveros: Skeet Reese

Kevin VanDam: "Probably a guy like Aaron Martens"

Kevin Wirth: Isn't talking

Dave Wolak: John Murray

Mike Wurm: Local guys since they know the lake, and of course VanDam. Also, Skeet has been hot all year.

Notably missing from the list are Todd Auten and Richard Watson, anglers we were unable to contact for this story.