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BOSSIER CITY, La. As Boyd Duckett leads with the only 20-pound bag and rain coming, we quizzed the anglers with these three questions.

What will the top-25 cut weight be?
Will there be another 20-pound sack caught today?
What is the biggest adjustment you will have to make today?

Kevin VanDam (45th, 4-4)
" 24 pounds
" I doubt that there will be a bigger bag than the one Boyd caught yesterday. The weights will probably decrease.
" Today, I'm changing locations completely.

Boyd Duckett (First, 20-3)
" 24 pounds
" Absolutely. Both myself and the other players can do it.
" I don't know yet. Spectator boats will come into play. I had some that affected me yesterday and I didn't even have that many. There are a few competitor boats in that area and we are just going to have to be nice and work together to manage the traffic.

Ish Monroe (43rd, 6-8)
" I don't know  I didn't even look. After bombing yesterday, I'm going to need 20 pounds. Only one person caught 20 pounds yesterday and that is the legendary Boyd Duckett, or soon-to-be legendary Boyd Duckett. Three years, two classic victories  this guy is the new KVD. Well, actually, he's showing the big-game dominance of a Rick Clunn. I said the guy that catches 20 pounds would win, so that's it. Someone could catch 20 pounds today though, and then I don't really know what's going on.
" 20 is possible. I was surprised by the weights yesterday.
" I'm not making any adjustments. I'm going to fish my Day Two spot. I may have made a mistake yesterday, starting off in my Day One spot. I knew if they did bite, I could be leading the tournament, but they didn't.

Terry Fitzpatrick (Fifth, 18-0)
" 24 pounds
" Somebody might catch 20 pounds, but it probably won't be me.
" I'm going to start out in an area I fished yesterday and give it at least an hour and a half. I won't give them all day. My adjustment will be leaving that area if I have to. One nice thing is that I think fish are moving up  when I catch them, they should be replenishing.

Alton Jones (22nd, 13-5)
" 21 pounds
" It's possible, but it will probably be caught by someone unexpected.
" I'm going to totally different water with totally different baits. I just don't think I can catch the kind of sack I need in the area I was yesterday.

Greg Pugh (20th, 14-0)
" 23.5 pounds
" There is a good chance someone will catch a big fish. There is always a good chance for a sack, especially since some of us lost big fish yesterday.
" I'm not going to make a big adjustment. I'm going to go out and get a 12-14-pound bag and then go from there to try and upgrade to a bigger weight.

Kenyon Hill (37th, 9-0)
" 25 pounds
" Possibly, yes. The weather will help.
" I'm not going to change much. I plan on staying in the same basic area. They just wouldn't bite for me yesterday. There are a lot of good fish in there, I just have to catch them.

Kevin Wirth (17th, 15-3)
" 24 pounds, maybe 23.5
" It's possible, but not probably with what's going on  spectators, weather, we have everything against us.
" I'm going to do things the same as yesterday, just watching out for spectators today. This is just like horse racing: put the blinders on and don't worry about those around you.

Bill Lowen (18th, 14-12)
" 25 pounds
" No, I don't think so. I think we'll see some 18s and 19s, but yesterday was the day.
" Catch a bigger fish. I caught a lot of fish to get to 14 pounds, but I need that bigger bite to get to 17 pounds.

Mike Iaconelli (15th, 15-5)
" It's going to take 12.5 pounds a day.
" Yes, I think the potential is here for 22-25 pounds.
" Nothing. The biggest adjustment is spending all day in my primary area. Yesterday, I didn't spend the first 1.5 hours there, I was running around, so today I'm going to be there all day.

Greg Hackney (25th, 12-9)
" 26 pounds
" I really expect a big bag. I expect it to be me. That really isn't a big bag for here. Under the conditions yesterday though, 20 pounds wasn't bad.
" I'm going to completely change my technique and cover more water.

Bobby Lane (24th, 13-2)
" 24.5 pounds
" I would think so. With this cloud cover and front coming through, the guy that is around them, if it's raining, it's going to be a good time.
" I was clear-water fishing after some spawners. Today, I'm going after pre-spawners. Chigger craw, 1 1/2-ounce weight  we are going after them.

Mark Davis (26th, 11-11)
" 24 pounds
" Oh yeah. This is a good fishing day with the front coming through.
" Oh, I don't know. Try to target bigger fish, some way, some how.

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