Behind the hair

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One constant over the past few seasons with Classic champion Skeet Reese is that there will be change — specifically on top of his head.

His shaved look this year begs the question: is he the anti-Sampson? Why after years of different looks — bleach, faux-hawk, spikes, highlights — did he suddenly chop it all off, and what part did that play in his victory? There were a lot of unanswered questions. (See if hair-connoisseur Mark Zona brings it up in Saturday's Classic show on ESPN2 at 9 a.m. ET.)

"I'm not scared of change," Reese said, wondering why he was really having to answer so many questions about his hair. "Everybody gets so set in their ways, but to me it's just hair. I didn't think people were going to freak out over it like they did."

One plausible theory is shaving was an attempt to keep him under the radar. Reese said people who have known him for years had no idea who he was when he first showed up.

"The look I have this year compliments my off-season program," he said. "I felt leaner, meaner and coming in I think the haircut made me look meaner and tougher and I dug that. It was an intimidation factor."

After a thorough investigation into all possible scenarios, it turned out Reese was just tired of messing with it. Who knew?

"I've had more hair care products in my hair than most women," he admitted. "From highlights and hair sprays to gels and creams. To wake up in the morning with no bed head, it's a nice change of pace. It's cold as hell in this weather though. But it will be nice this summer.

"I'm an extremist, what else can I say. It's only hair."

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