Best of 2011 Bassmaster Classic images

The 2011 Bassmaster Classic was historic.

Kevin VanDam won back-to-back titles and now has four Classic victories, tying both records of Rick Clunn.

There were fog delays each day, adding intrigue to the decision-making process of those making long runs to Venice.

Three anglers eclipsed the three-day Classic total weight record, with VanDam pulling 69 pounds, 11 ounces from the Louisiana Delta.

There were large fish toted across the stage, and anglers like Derek Remitz, Boyd Duckett and the Federation Nation's Brandon Palaniuk made noise while Aaron Martens finished second for the fourth time.

Through all this, James Overstreet chronicled the event in images. We asked him to select his favorites from the event, and are presenting his best of the 2011 Bassmaster Classic in a large format.


The Launch

On The Water

The Weigh-In