2005 BUSCH Shootout

The BUSCH Shootout is a season-long $200,000 incentive program for pros on the CITGO Bassmaster Tour and Bassmaster Elite 50 circuits, leading to the single-day BUSCH Shootout Championship.

During the qualifying portion of the BUSCH Shootout, a $1,000 cash prize is awarded to pros for the heaviest catch each day on Tour and Bassmaster Elite 50 events. (Total: $40,000 -
$1,000/day for each of 10 four-day events).

The Top 10 single-day heavyweights from the Tour and Elite 50s go to the BUSCH Shootout Tournament, along with the anglers with the heaviest single-day catch at the 2004 CITGO Open Championship, 2005 CITGO Federation Championship, and 2005 CITGO Bassmaster Classic.

The 13 qualifying anglers will be taken to an undisclosed mystery lake somewhere in the United States, where they will compete under a modified format announced hours before the tournament.

The BUSCH Shootout champion will collect a $100,000 grand prize. Each of the remaining participants will receive a check for $5,000, for a total purse of $160,000.

2004 BUSCH Shootout standings