Kevin Short: Back Where It Started...

The Elite Series may be over, but there's always a derby on a pond somewhere.

I saw on the Open schedule that the last Central was on Amistad at the end of September. Always wanted to fish Amistad that time of year. Besides, I had to come back down to Amistad and have one more shot at those mean border bass.

But I'm still a bit chapped from Day Two of the first Elite event of the year.

Ooh, what happened, you ask? Read all about it here.

So we rolled out of the Meltdown on Toho and headed north, then west through the Sunshine State, in a pounding rainstorm that flooded Jacksonville.

Up to and across hundreds of miles of Interstate 10. Holy Crap — I thought we would never get to Texas. Louisiana finally gave way to Texas. (Again, I thought we were never going to get across Texas.)

On the way to Del Rio, we made a little detour to Zapata and a tour of Falcon Lake. You're not going to want to miss this one, bass fans.

You thought Amistad was a beast the first year we showed up there? Falcon may be Ami on steroids next April for the Elite Series event. This place is awesome with a capital A: Big rods, big line, and big, mean fish. Holy Crap!

After a few days in the Zapata County desert, we headed up the Rio Grande valley to the next pond — Amistad. Del Rio is such a comfortable town: The people here are so friendly and easy-going. Truly a nice place to visit, and I can see why people would want to move here. Very cool place.

So how 'bout the fishing?

Not nearly as good as I had hoped. Not nearly as good as Falcon. The deep hydrilla bite with big jigs and big bass is what I had always heard about Amistad in late summer.

Didn't quite work that way this year: Seems the rain they received in June and July messed up the hydrilla growth a lot. Most of the regulars were singing the blues because the grass is pretty jacked up. But they still live here, don't they?

Couldn't tell that by what I caught.

Practiced for four 11-hour days. Haven't practiced anywhere for anything for four days in, well, years. Honestly couldn't tell you the last time I practiced for a derby that much.

In four days I caught two fish that were in the 5 pound class. Two. Hundreds — seriously hundreds — of 14- and 15-inch fish, but few over 2 pounds. Not very impressive for Amistad.

But it was fun, and I did spend some time exploring parts of the pond I had never seen, which will come in handy when we roll back into town in five months.

Seems like it was only yesterday we pulled into town for the first Elite event of 2007.

In reality, it's been seven months, 25,000 miles, and a bunch of hours on 12 different lakes and rivers across the country since that first event in March. I've seen both oceans and the Gulf of Mexico this year. Wow.

It's only fitting to end the 2007 season where it all began.

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