What's up with …

…Kelly Jordon's 1980's style Robert Redford looking Butch-Cassidy-and-the-Sundance-Kid hair? I offered to get my scissors out of the boat and give him a little trim job, but he declined. He said his girlfriend wanted him to grow it out a little. Kelly's obviously a ladies man and aims to please.

…The lady that came up to my wife at one of the weigh-ins and told her she fell in love with me over the internet. Wow. Flattering and pretty cool, but … does that sound strange, or is it just me?

…The bed-fishing fest we seem to be mired in. Are we going to catch spawning fish all year? Will these bass ever leave the shallows? Will I ever be able to get a decent night's sleep or will I lie awake forever in a cold sweat thinking about having to look at spawning fish for another nine months?

…Davy Hite being 0 for 3? Former Classic Champ and Angler of the Year down in the loser's bracket. Looks really bad to step on your shoelaces on a pond so close to your house. Look for Mr. Hite to have a fire built under his butt at the next event. Hard to keep a guy like that down for long. I'm saying when he gets fired up, everyone better step back.

…Kev being in the loser's bracket? Kev's not a spawn-jerker, has never been a spawn-jerker, and is doing good to keep it close until they get off the beds. Bass, please step away from the beds!

…It's taking a bazillion pounds to make the cut at these events? Is this a good group of anglers or have we just hit the ponds at the correct time to load the boat? A little of both. We definitely hit Santee on the head. A week earlier and it would have sucked tremendously. Will be interesting to see what the weights are next week during the Tour stop.

…A tournament without KVD? I have never fished a Tour level event where KVD was not on the pond. That may not sound like much, but it is in a strange sort of way. He is usually a threat to win, place, or show in every event that he floats a boat in. It was really weird not to see him at Santee. I'm thinking he is going to be pretty fired up at Guntersville. There will be some lips ripped in Alabama. Kind of feel sorry for the first fish he sets the hook on.

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