Fantasy Bassin'

Never really looked at any of the Fantasy games, fishing, football, basketball, etc., until last season when I had a bud tell me he had dropped me from his fantasy team. Ouch.

That's like stabbing a guy in the back. Like not picking your best friend for the backyard baseball game. Like kissing your sister just to see what it's like.

Thought he was a good friend, but I guess the reality of not catching enough fish was biting more people in the butt than just me.

Unfortunately for him, he dropped me right before I started to whack 'em and didn't stop until the season ended. Ha! Hate that for you, buddy.

At the end of last year, I looked into the Fantasy Bass thing a little more. I know that fantasy football has been huge since it started. Some guys live, breathe, eat, and sleep the stuff.

Hey, I've heard of guys who have been hired at certain establishments because of their prowess at fantasy football. That's pretty crazy. Haven't heard of anyone getting a job because they ruled in Fantasy Bass yet.

So I looked into Fantasy Bass, read through the rules, and generally tried to figure out how it all works. Checked out last year's stats to see what the averages were across the board.

There are a few things I'm a little fuzzy on. I'm still not real sure about the tie-breaker stuff, but I know enough to run my own team.

Whoa, isn't that like betting on your own baseball game? Can this be legal? Will there be Congressional hearings because I have my own Fantasy Bass team? Yeah, right.

No one has told me I can't, so I'm in. I'm in and doing fairly well so far. Had a little bobble at the Classic (didn't pick Duckett, duh), but made up some ground at Amistad.

So how cool can it be to pick yourself to be on your own fantasy team? That doesn't even sound right. No, I haven't put myself on my own team yet, but the time is coming. That's pretty sick.

It was interesting to see how my value fluctuated during the '06 season. I could be had pretty cheap there for a while. Finally started to gain some ground on the value scale toward the end of the year. Looking to keep climbing up the food chain for the rest of the season.

The whole ranking/value/points system is another one of those little details that I'm not completely clear on, but I'm sure there is a bean counter with a fancy calculator and pocket protector somewhere that has all the figures and counts all the beans.

As long as I can get who I think will be near the top of the food chain on Sunday afternoon for less than 50 points, I don't really care how it works. I want to win one of those Basscat caps with the cool embroidery on it.

So who's on my team for this week? Ah, wouldn't you like to know. What, me have some inside scoop on who will catch them at the Delta? No, no, I don't do dock talk. I try to stay as far away from the other 107 anglers as I can.

If I do talk to another angler, I try to talk about anything except fishing. That doesn't mean I don't have some hunches on who to put on the Pink Team, though

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