Clash Notes, Vol. 1

"I had four bites and weighed four fish. I just couldn't get that fifth bite."
James Kennedy on his tough day (10-2, 59th place) on the Potomac River.

"I thought I had 14 pounds today so I'm a little disappointed in being one ounce off."
Jeff Connella, tongue planted firmly in cheek, reacting to his 13-15 pound Day One weight.

"I thought I had a great school of fish located and just never found them. I should have left them (in practice) and found some more."
Timmy Horton on his dismal 2-1 pound Day One.

"I didn't realize it was that rough out there and I'd lost three big fish and was trying to make the most of my time."
Edwin Evers on his one minute late penalty and 94th place 5-12 pound Day One.

"It's just been a tough week for me. I probably burned a full tank of gas today and I just never got the fifth one."
Lee Bailey after coming in without a full bag on Day One.

"The river is fishing extremely tough. I only found two good stretches, so 14-9 is really good for me today."
Rick Morris on his 13th place Day One finish.

"I'm not getting a lot of good bites, but I'm catching a lot and having a lot of fun with it."
Terry Scroggins on his 13-7 pound 23rd place Day One finish.

"The area I'm fishing is known for big fish. That one was there and I know another big one was caught there, so we're going to see if there are a few more tomorrow."
John Crews on his Day One 6-4 kicker fish.

"I threw a swimbait today and I'll throw one tomorrow. I'm telling you I had a bunch of big bites on it in practice."
Byron Velvick, who finished Day One with 4-8 for 101st place.

"I've ten pounded them to death this year and did it again today. I just can't get a big bite this year."
Dave Wolak on his 10-1 Day One, putting him in 61st place.

"I lost four today and when bites are this tough it just kills you."
Eric Nethery on his Day one 2-8 pound, 104th place finish.

"I had one of the worst days I've ever had in my career and that storm did a number on me on the way in. I wish Busch was still my sponsor because I'd have to knock back a few tonight."
Dean Rojas, with a laugh, commenting on his 4-15 97th place Day One.

"I know what to do in the grass. When it comes to smallmouth I struggle a bit, but I know what to do in the grass."
Florida native Preston Clark on his 14-8 14th place Day One showing.

"This is typical tidal water for me. I don't ever figure out these suckers by the time it's time to play for real."
Matt Reed on his 9-15 64th place Day One.