Clash Notes, Vol. 2

"It's just a matter of getting a couple of good bites and that's what I did today."
James Kennedy on his tough day (10-2, 59th place) on the Potomac River.

"We burned 'em today."
10th place Steve Kennedy, talking to second place Kelly Jordon backstage and painting a somewhat grim picture for he and sixth place James Niggemeyer, who is fishing extremely close to him.

"The fishing was about what I expected. I had eleven bites and only caught four of them, so I'm around them. But yesterday was such a gift to catch an eight and a five."
Gary Klein, who took 7-15 on Day Two, knocking him from second place to 14th.

"Keith, I told you yesterday that I don't understand these tidal fish. I fished the same spots as yesterday and the big ones just bit."
Matt Reed, talking to BASS emcee Keith Alan on stage.

"It's something when they blow up all over your stuff and you can't get 'em in the boat."
Kevin VanDam

"If I make the top 50, it'll be like I won the tournament. Because I've never made the cut here before. "
Jeff Kriet, who finished Day Two safely in the money in 38th place.

"I went to the same place. I've never had a practice where I just couldn't catch 'em like I did yesterday."
Timmy Horton, who rebounded with a 16-7 pound Day Two, following a dismal 2-1 pound Day One to end up in 73rd place.

"I didn't lose 'em."
Brian Snowden, reacting to Keith Alan's query regarding what he did different on Day Two. Among the ones he didn't lose was a 7-13 pound fish, bested only by James Niggermeyer's 8-2 pounder.

"I just want to apologize to my wife right now. Honey, I love you. I'm gonna be a little hard to deal with for a few days."
Kevin Short, prepping Mrs. Short for the coming shrapnel on the heels of his 97th place finish.

"I knew the Classic was on the line and I just fished my tail off today. I was fortunate enough to get some bites."
Davey Hite, who salvaged the Maryland trip with a 15-4 Day Two, putting him in 36th place going in to Saturday's action.

"It took me a while. Some of the smallest decisions will make you fish bad. You just keep fishing."
Mike Iaconelli on his recent turnaround, including a 17th place showing going in to the final two days.