Alabama Charge — Pickwick Lake

Alabama Charge • Pickwick Lake, Florence, Ala.

April 6-9, 2011

At 47,500 surface acres, Pickwick Lake isn't as big as most of the other stops on the Elite Series tour, but it is one of the most interesting. Pickwick has smallmouth and largemouth bass to choose from, and the bronzebacks here get big! The lake has produced several smallmouths in excess of 8 pounds, including a couple of IGFA line class records.

In April, some largemouths should still be spawning, so the sight fishermen will have some good targets. Those who opt for smallies will go deeper.

When the Elites were here in late April 2010, Kevin Short walked away with the trophy. He used a square-billed crankbait around flooded cypress trees to catch 75-1 over four days while Bill Lowen took the tournament's biggest bass (a 7-0 largemouth) flipping a jig to an undercut bank. Weather permitting, weights should be up in 2011.