Port Arthur: Day One Notes


One of the many barges in the waters off Port Arthur, gave two Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup pros an unexpected greeting on Day One.

Troy Newton and David Crews were minding their own business, merely competing in the nation's premier saltwater fishing championship, when lo and behold a vessel 1000 times their size lumbered right by them.

"When that wave hit us up on the flats, it T-boned us," Crews said. "We got rocked and I took the Nestea plunge."

"I almost did, too," Newton said. "About 30 seconds later a camera boat came up to us."

The photographer failed to capture their midday bath.

Pushing through

It's been a rough couple weeks for redfish pro Bo Johnson. He's had not one, but two transmissions break on his truck.

Johnson's mechanical issues didn't just end on land — or in Port Arthur.

Johnson and Del Duca blew a lower-end unit on Day One of the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup to add insult to injury. While Del Duca got a ride to the weigh-in with his fish, Johnson tended to the boat.

But all the hassle was not in vain for the Florida anglers. Johnson and Del Duca's two redfish weighed enough for third place going into Day Two.


"I think we're going to have to weigh three fish."
— Billy Nicholas, 38th place, after being asked about how his team will put themselves in better position to get in the finals

"We caught the same fish in Florida, they just didn't count there."
— Tom Winroe, on the difference in slot limits

"We're not used to fishing for 28-inch fish, I guess."
— Mark Sepe, 29th

"We went to our fish today and they had shrunk."
— Tommy Lomonte

"We had a great big one but the weighmaster let it get away."
— Ralph Frazier