PAA: Day Two Notes

It was obviously cut day

At around 12:00 a.m. ET, anglers started running into the media center at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic, trying to get a look at the standings before they went out in the second flight.

Takahiro Omori was the first through the door, and eventually made his way over to this reporter's laptop and started scrolling through the live leaderboard.

"Ah man, we only caught 10 pounds this morning," Takahiro said. Then he stared at the screen for about 30 seconds, checking out the top of the leaderboard. "It looks like they're [the leaders] averaging 28 pounds a session."

Takahiro paused for a little while longer and looked disappointedly to the sky.

"That means we need 50 pounds," he said, referring to what it would take to make the top-5 cut. "It can happen."

Next through the door was Paul Hirosky, and once again, he landed at this reporter's Toshiba. Hirosky scrolled all the way to the bottom.

"Hey all right, we're not in last," he said, genuinely excited. "We're just trying to stay out of the basement at this point."

King for a minute

The angler who catches the big bass of the tournament gets a brand new Toyota Tundra.

Lee Bailey took the stage Saturday morning with a beautiful oversized (longer than 24 inches) bass. It hit the scales at 11 pounds, 1 ounce, which was more than enough to put him in the top position.

But only minutes later, John Sappington, rode up on a Toyota Tundra with an oversized bass of his own.

"I knew when he [Bailey] weighed his in that mine was bigger," Sappington said.

That was a lot of confidence for a man carrying a bass that weighed-in one ounce heavier at 11-2.

Like a bowling ball

Tony DaDante caught a fish on Saturday that weighed 8-14, but it wasn't long enough to be considered an over (24 inches).

His fishing partner, Jeff Kriet, described the bass as "beautiful" and said that it's certainly rare to see.

"I've only seen this a couple times," Kriet said. "I caught one like this in practice here, and I saw the same thing at Clear Lake [California]."