Day 1 evening notes

Family planning

While Skeet Reese definitely has his head in the game at the Bassmaster Memorial this week, he was thinking about his family at home in Auburn, Calif., as well. The west coast angler, whose most recent win was the 2003 Florida Bassmaster Tour event, and his wife Kim are expecting their second child in the next few weeks.

"I had my first Tour level win on Harris Chain about a week before my daughter, Leah, was born," Skeet said. "This week Kim is at home waiting for our second baby to be born."

Could an expectant wife at home factor into his success?

Evidently, the Reeses have plans to only have two kids, and while Skeet would never admit to luck playing a part in his success, he joked that the results of this week's competition may influence their family planning.

"Well, I had set my limit at two (children). But if I win this event we might have to plan on having another!"

No home field for Faircloth

Although Todd Faircloth lives in Jasper, Texas, which is only a few hours east of Fort Worth, he says that he definitely doesn't have any local advantage over the field at the Bassmaster Memorial.

"I've never fished any of the lakes in the DFW area," Faircloth said. "I've fished Possum Kingdom Lake but that's about as close I have gotten."

Faircloth currently sits in 22nd place with a 9 pounds, 1 ounce. His highest finish so far this season was 15th at lake Guntersville in April. He's still in the game here and would love to add a Texas title to his resume.

"I really like this lake ad I'm looking forward to fishing it again tomorrow."

Fishing like a man

Gerald Swindle thinks he may have miscalculated in his strategy for the Bassmaster Memorial. After weighing in three fish for 5 pounds, 2 ounces he noted that many anglers had success today on light tackle and finesse tactics, he laid another Swindle-ism on the crowd.

"I was going to fish like a man today and fish like a woman tomorrow with a spinning rod," Swindle said. "I guess I should have fished like a woman today instead of starting with power fishing."


"I caught a fish within the first 5 minutes of the tournament so that was a good start. I caught one on a worm, caught one on a Strike King jig — so I'm just fishing. But I'd really like to make the cut because I like fishing the course format. I like it when you have to fish by the seat of your pants." — Denny Brauer

"This lake is pretty impressive but I believe it would be really impressive with about four more feet of water in it." — Mike Wurm

"It feels good to just go fishing and not have to worry about sight fishing being a factor. Sight fishing is not my strength. Let me just go fishing." — Mike McClelland