Pros pick Bassmaster Memorial

Randy Howell

Steve Kennedy — He is on a role and a hot young angler who is also (the) leading Rookie of the Year. He is very calm under pressure and good under high pressure situations.

Brent Chapman —He is due to have a good one and he won a major event here last year.

Randy Howell — I have momentum from Clarks Hill. I like small lakes and big money!

Paul Elias

Kevin VanDam — He wins almost every damn tournament he's in.

Mike Iaconelli — He's on a pretty good streak of fishing right now.

Paul Elias — I think I have a shot because they're biting the crankbait right now.

Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers — I really like these two lakes a lot.

Kevin VanDam — You've always got to watch out for him because he's always in the mix.

Greg Hackney — He is just a great angler.

Jeff Kriet

Greg Hackney — He is on fire because he's catching them anywhere and everywhere.

Brent Chapman — He won the Top Gun tournament here last year.

Jeff Kriet — I also fished in the Top Gun and I like the lake a lot. I can use finesse fishing here to my advantage.

Jimmy Mize

Kevin VanDam — He's on a role.

Michael Iaconelli — He and KVD have been at the top forever.

Denny Brauer — Flipping docks might win this thing and he's one of the best doing that.

Skeet Reese

Michael Iaconelli

Kevin VanDam

Skeet Reese

All of these guys because the fishing style of the tournament is going to suit everybody. There will be a lot of options and a ton of junk fishing.

Jeff Reynolds

Edwin Evers — He did pretty well in the Top Gun here last year.

Greg Hackney — He is having a great season so far.

Jeff Reynolds — I like the lake and I'm feeling pretty good about my chances.

Kevin VanDam

Aaron Martens — He is very good at finesse fishing and fishes well in a crowd.

Gary Klein — For the very same reasons.

Mike McClelland — Once he finds an area he is very good at milking it for all it's worth.

— "I wasn't allowed to pick myself right? Okay, other than myself..."

John Crews

Kevin Wirth — We are fishing in the city of Ft. Worth and the final days are going to be on Lake Worth. The names go hand in hand.

Kevin VanDam — He does well in these types of formats and the bite is a little on the tough side right now.

John Crews — You've always got to have confidence in yourself.

Lee Bailey

Alton Jones — He has been really focused for the last few events, and has been right there near the top.

Steve Kennedy — When it's right it's right. He has been on the top of his game at every level.

Denny Brauer — This lake is too small for even fifty boats, someone like Denny will be able to keep his confidence up throughout.