Amistad: The Pros' Picks

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DEL RIO, Texas — Nobody knows the water and the quality of the field better than the pros fishing the tournament. See who the pros say will come out on top of the first Elite Series tournament of the season:

Boyd Duckett
1. Greg Hackney — "Because this is his kind of tournament. He'll dig his heels in some place and just fish."
2. Denny Brauer — "Because it's a good jig bite."
3. Ish Monroe — "It's hard not to pick a guy who's shown he knows how to win it."

Jason Quinn
1. Jason Quinn — "I like to fish deep and I'm on a good deep bite."
2. Kelly Jordon — "He also likes to fish deep and the bite favors his style of fishing."
3. Terry Scroggins — "He's on a roll. He won the Southern Open last week and I heard he caught a lake record here earlier in the week."

Terry Scroggins
1. Timmy Horton — "I feel like he's going to excel here because of the site bite."
2. Ish Monroe — "He's the returning champion. I expect him to do well again this year and he knows the area."
3. Greg Hackney — "I believe he'll be able to catch the fish."

Mark Tucker
1. Denny Brauer — "Just because."
2. Greg Hackney — "I just think they're [Hackney and Brauer] going to fish the style that it's going to take to win this tournament."
3. Kevin VanDam — "I think he won't stay in one spot, and that'll be key in this tournament."

Stephen Browning
1. Gary Klein — "He has spent some time here and his knowledge of the lake will serve him well."
2. Kevin VanDam — "I feel like the fish are going to start to move with the water temperature changing he will able to adjust better than most guys."
3. Mike Iaconelli — "He's not afraid to throw finesse stuff and that might be key here."

Preston Clark
1. Preston Clark — "Because, it's not right now, but it's going to turn into a sight-fishing tournament and I like that style."
2. Skeet Reese — "Because he's an excellent sight fisherman. All of the fish won't be caught on the sight bite, but the bigger ones will be."
3. Kelly Jordon — "He is also an excellent sight fisherman."

Kelly Jordon
1. Ish Monroe — "You always have to give a nod to the defending champ."
2. Gary Klein — "He's a western dude, and this is a western lake. He also lives in Texas, so he has everything going for him."
3. Jeff Kriet — "Because I heard he's on some big fish."

Jeff Kriet
1. Jeff Kriet — "It'd be stupid not to pick yourself."
2. Mike McClelland — "Because I know he's catching some big fish."
3. Greg Hackney — "Because he's good at catching the biggins'."

Mike McClelland
1. Greg Hackney — "His versatility. I think this week will change as it goes along."
2. Jeff Kriet — "Because I know where he's fishing."
3. Timmy Horton — "I think he's due for another win."

John Murray
1. Fred Roumbanis — "Because he got second last year."
2. Kelly Jordon — "Because he's Kelly Jordon and it's Texas."
3. Skeet Reese — "Because after the Classic, he's due."

James Charlesworth
1. Greg Hackney — "He's real solid here. He was on a winning pattern last year, but it just didn't go his way."
2. Kevin VanDam — "He's consistently in the top 5, and he's always a threat to win."
3. James Charlesworth — "I caught two 8-pounders, one 7-pounder, and I lost a 10-pounder on Monday. You have to pick yourself. That's why you're here."

Dean Rojas
1. Kevin VanDam — "Because you can never count him out."
2. Greg Hackney — "He did well last year and it's his type of bite."
3. Dean Rojas — "It fits my style. I feel very comfortable out there."