Canines quiet even the biggest talkers

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — As the handlers on Pope Air Force base brought a pack of German shepherds in front of an anxious group of anglers, they gave specific instructions: "No quick movements."

"That's as still and as quiet as you've ever seen fishermen there," Elite Series angler Marty Stone said. "[Gerald] Swindle, for the first time in his life, didn't say anything, and to get him quiet is doing something."

Big, strong and meticulously trained, these dogs have no trouble taking down a grown man. They also bring something to the table that most soldier can't.

"Those dogs have saved many lives because the reality of the situation is that in the heat of battle a soldier might hesitate but those dogs are going unconditionally," Stone said, adding that they can sniff out bombs and other possible dangers.

As for volunteers for a demonstration of what the dogs can do…

"They didn't suit any of our guys up, but we volunteered Keith Phillips because he was the beefy guy of the bunch," Stone said. "But we couldn't get Keith to take a dash."