That one who stood out

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — The C-130 is impressive and even jaw-dropping in some cases, but while the anglers were getting a rundown on its capabilities, Elite Series angler Marty Stone struck up a conversation with soldier to explore the capabilities of the soldiers inside.

"Every time I'm there I meet one soldier that really sticks in my mind," Stone said. It was his third time on base. "They all stand out and they are all heroes on my eyes, but this one individual soldier really made an impression on me."

The soldier, whom Stone said he wouldn't name to avoid any security problems, had spent his past few years in the military on a helicopter evacuation team.

"In other words, he goes in and rescues our soldiers in the heat of battle," Stone said. "He got shot up pretty bad in Afghanistan on his last tour, and now he is back on base in a C-130 unit."

A C-130 unit transfers injured soldiers that are brought in from Afghanistan, stabilize them and get them to Germany as quickly as they can to be brought back home. In the military for 10 years and on his seventh tour, the soldier will be serving on the C-130 unit until September.

"He said as soon as he heals up in September, he's going back again," Stone said. "All this guy has ever done, from the best of my knowledge in talking to him, is go in and rescue his fellow soldiers. And that's the kind of dedication we have in our military today.

"When you see and hear that, it makes you want to do even more for these guys to let them know how much you appreciate them."