What Happened?Peter T on the Harris Chain

Sunshine Showdown preview: A Pro's Approach with Peter Thliveros

Last week we talked with Peter Thliveros about his plans for fishing the Elite Series opener on the Harris Chain. He won the last big BASS tournament there in 2005 and was a good bet to do well again this year though he wasn't very forthcoming about his plans.

Peter T is now ready to talk about his strategy on the Harris Chain of Lakes. It isn't pretty. After two days of fishing he bagged 10 bass with a total weight of 16 pounds, 2 ounces, finishing 79th. By any standard that's not good. By Florida standards it's horrible.

"I was fishing the arrowheads in practice and doing real well. My fish were in pairs, a big female and small male on almost every root system. Obviously, they were getting ready to spawn. The pattern was so simple I didn't want to talk about it," said the frustrated angler.

"I was fishing with Zoom Trick Worms and Super Hogs rigged Texas style with a 5/16-ounce Tru-Tungsten weight and a Peter T Smart Peg. They were all over it. I thought I had something going."

Unfortunately by the first day of the tournament things had changed. After hours and hours of fishing arrowheads, the big females were nowhere to be found. He theorizes they dropped their eggs and pulled out towards open water.

"I was too stubborn to adjust and admit to myself that I had it wrong. I fished the arrowheads way too long. I paid for that with a bunch of little males at the weigh-in. The lesson here is not to put yourself in a comfort zone and never let yourself think you can catch just enough.

"I think sometimes we get caught in the trap of fishing for someone else to lose rather than for us to win. I've gotten away with that a few times in the past, and so I thought it would work this time. It didn't. I got caught and didn't go fishing on Saturday." (He missed the cut to the top 50 anglers.)

Asked to grade his performance on the Harris Chain, Peter T's response was brutal. "I get an F. It's that simple. I'm a professional angler, and I didn't catch enough fish to cash a check. You get an F — for failure — when you do that."

Sunshine Showdown preview: A Pro's Approach with Peter Thliveros