A Fantasy look at the 2007 Classic

It was a true underdog story, right? Out of nowhere, Boyd Duckett, of Demopolis, Ala., population 7,555, sneaks under everyone's radar to win the Bassmaster Classic. Not so much.

Underdog? Maybe, but under the radar? Not at all. Duckett was picked by more than 25 percent of fantasy players (the third highest), so there will be no self promoting for picking Duckett. He had too much value. His cost was low (4.4) and his local knowledge and professional experience made his too easy of a pick.

The real pat on the back goes to the 286 people (2.13 percent) who picked Terry McWilliams. Who knew he had such a large family?

He finished 10th in the Federation Nation Championship, but because he was the top Northern Federation Nation finisher, he was one of the six anglers in the Classic from the Federation. Only Chris Novack finished worse than McWilliams at the Federation Nation Championship and still qualified for the Classic Novack finished 46th in Birmingham.

McWilliams was actually picked fewer times than Fred Roumbanis, who wasn't even fishing in the Classic this year.

A look ahead

Unfortunately, McWilliams has no aspirations of going pro, so he is a one-pick wonder for this season, but there was still plenty to take away from the results of the tournament.

Duckett is the most obvious he will be fishing the Elite Series this year but other notables are James Niggemeyer and James Charlesworth. Both will be rookies on the Elite Series and both had a nice showing.

Those who picked Gerald Swindle (12 percent of users) were looking pretty until his Day 2 catch was disqualified, and he fell to 45th. Other disappointments were Michael Iaconelli, Russ Lane and Aaron Martens. All were top-10 picks by fantasy owners and they finished 23rd, 24th and 25th, respectively.

Much props

Congratulations to Scott Rogers who is currently leading all fantasy players. Rogers nailed the top-5, including McWilliams. Along with his points for the finishers, he got bonus points for having the leader, big sack and big fish each day.

Rogers finished with 825 points, which is almost double the national average of 420 points.