How'd they do it?

The final five of the CITGO Bassmaster Open Championship used a variety of lures to secure their top finishes. Here's a quick run down of their best lures of the week.

Mike McClelland:
LURE — 7/16-ounce Jewel Finesse Spider Jig tipped with a Zoom Super Chunk Junior with split tails on the junior for a little bit more flare, dying the tails with dip and dye for extra color
DEPTH — caught majority of his fish at 6 or 7 feet deep
AREA — back in the creekbeds and on the river
TECHNIQUE — pitching and jigging

Rick Morris:
LURES — 1-ounce jig, 3/4-ounce War Eagle
DEPTH — fishing in 3 to 4 feet of water
AREA — Tallapoosa River
TECHNIQUE — winding with his own RPM Custom Rod he built

Chad Brauer:
LURE — 1/2-ounce White Strike King Compact Silhouette Spinnerbait
DEPTH — about 8 feet of water
AREA — concentrating on creek channels with some depth
TECHNIQUE — slow-rolling it down the side of the channels

Randy Howell:
LURES — Bandit 200 Series Crankbait, Rattleback Jig
DEPTH — 2 to 5 feet of water
AREA — the main river
TECHNIQUE — cranking

Mark Menendez:
LURE — 1/2-ounce Lime Green Diamond Shad
DEPTH — 2 to 4 feet of water
AREA — fishing sandbars and the current and/or the ends of sandbars with drops on them
TECHNIQUE — speed cranking