WBT Angler Profile: Robin Babb

WBT pro Robin Babb 

Hometown: Livingston, Texas

Age: 45

Occupation: Professional bass angler, safety/security expert, restaurant owner, realtor (sounds like I have a multiple personality disorder!)

High School: Choctaw, Okla.

College: University of Northern Colorado

How Long Bass Fishing: I've fished for catfish and perch since about 3 years old. My grandmother taught me how to fish. Then I started to learn how to bass fish in 1994.

How Started Bass Fishing: I had a really stress-filled career in Threat Assessment & Management in Los Angeles, and due to a health concern my doctor advised me to find something to do that would calm me down. For several days I went to a lake in the middle of Los Angeles and fished from the bank. A bass fisherman took pity on me and invited me on his boat. I was hooked! Now I don't know if professional bass fishing can be considered something that calms me down because I take it really serious and play at it really hard.

Career Highlights: Being one of the first WBT Championship qualifiers and becoming team co-captain of Team Academy Sports + Outdoors.

Career Dream: Qualify for the Bassmaster Classic

Favorite Bass Water: Anywhere there may be a bass, although I have had a lot of fun catching giant bass on the lakes in south Texas (Amistad and Choke Canyon) and Mexico (El Salto).

Big Bass: I have been blessed to have caught several in the 10-pound range on El Salto. My biggest American bass was while filming Academy Outdoors with Chad Brauer. That baby was over 8 pounds!

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: Flippin' and pitchin' in high gear!

Sponsors: Academy Sports + Outdoors (team co-captain), Triton Boats, Out to Lunch Cafe (Livingston, Texas), Zeffer Travel Systems, Escapees RV Club

Web site: www.RobinBabb.com