WBT Angler Profile: Kim Bain-Moore

WBT pro Kim Bain-Moore 

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Age: 28

Occupation: Pro angler; Outdoor journalist (TV & magazine; fishing and hunting); VP Reaction Innovations

High School: Student of Honor Queensland School of Excellence Speech & Drama,
Kelvin Grove High School

How Long Bass Fishing: Caught first largemouth in 1998

How Started Bass Fishing: My dad and I went to a lake on an island in the Pacific. The locals thought it might have been stocked with largemouth bass. We caught fish from the first cast to the last cast all day. These largemouth had been there for 30 years and had never had a lure cast at them. We'd never caught a largemouth before that either. That is still my most fun day ever!

Career Dream: I dreamed of competing in the Bassmaster Classic. It's time for me to get some new dreams.

Career Highlights: Winning the 2008 WBT Championship and 2008 Toyota Tundra WBT Angler of the Year award to become the first woman to fish the Bassmaster Classic. I was also the first female ever to qualify for a BASS end-of-season championship in 2003 (Open Championship as a non-boater) in my first year of competitive bass fishing.

Favorite Bass Waters: For memories, it has to be Lake Hamilton, Ark.

Big Bass: 24-inch largemouth from the California Delta (this was my first ever largemouth in the USA in 2000) and a 22-inch smallmouth from Washington State (also in 2000)

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: For pure fun is has to be topwater fishing (walking the dog with a Reaction Innovations Vixen).

Sponsors: Legend Boats, Evinrude Outboards, Reaction Innovations, Hi-Seas Line, Powerpole, Humminbird & Minn-Kota, American Fishing Wire, GLoomis, Pflueger, Plano