WBT Angler Profile: Lisa Diehl

WBT pro Lisa Diehl 

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.

Age: 36

Occupation: Educational Counselor at Penn State University

High School: Greater Johnstown High School

College: Penn State University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Degree: Bachelors of Science, Secondary Education & Masters in Education

How Long Bass Fishing: 4 years

How Started Bass Fishing: Since childhood, I've fished for crappie, bluegill, pike, bass and anything that would grab my nightcrawler or shiner while I fished from the bank. A few years ago, I decided to try my hand at using a lure, so my cousin showed me how to Texas rig a worm and gave me some of his worms and terminal tackle so I could make a few. I caught a 21- inch largemouth bass on my first outing while wading in a creek, and I was immediately addicted. Within months, I became the first female to join the Holiday Park Bass Busters (a BASS Federation Nation club) and have been competing ever since.

Career Dream: To come in first place at any event, large or small!

Career Highlights: I would have to say that placing "in the money" at my first WBT tournament (and only the sixth time I ever fished from a boat!) was a definite thrill. More importantly, the fun I had at that tournament — the women anglers I met and became friends with, the support I received (and continue to receive) as a new angler, and how much I learned in such a short time — made me want to continue my involvement with the WBT. I've also become more involved with the Pennsylvania BASS Federation Nation and my own club. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn all I can about bass fishing and to travel and meet the kindest and most enthusiastic anglers from all over the country.

Favorite Bass Waters: Yellow Creek Lake, Pa. It's a small state park lake where I fished the most during my childhood and continue to fish with my family. And you better bet that there are some monsters hiding under the lily pads & logs in that water!

Big Bass: 5-pound, 5-ounce largemouth from Crooked Creek, Ford City, Pa., on a white spinnerbait

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: Slow finesse presentations with various plastics and riggings

Sponsors: GAMMA Technologies

Pastime or Hobbies: In the wintertime, when most of the lakes are frozen in Pennsylvania and my bank account is depleted from tournament season, I get my money's worth out of my Netflix subscription and hang out with friends to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins do their thing, see a great band or sing karaoke.

Web site: www.pittsburghreeler.com