WBT Angler Profile: Renee Key Johnston

WBT angler Renee Key Johnston 

Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Age: 40

Occupation: Project Controls or Document Control (Engineering), but not working at this time

High School: Deer Park High School, Deer Park, Texas

College: Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas

Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science

How Long Bass Fishing: 37 years

How Started Bass Fishing: My father

Career Dream: To win a BASS event

Career Highlights: Fished my first WBT event at Little Rock in 2009

Favorite Bass Water: Lake Fork and Lake Sam Rayburn in Texas

Big Bass: 5.5-pound largemouth from Sam Rayburn Reservoir on a green pumpkin red Zoom Baby Brush Hog rigged Texas style

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: Whatever the fish are biting!!

Sponsors: Jerry Key Enterprises (Dad) and my wonderful husband

Pastime or Hobbies: Bowling, fishing, softball and games with my kids

My brother had cerebral palsy, which took up the majority of my mother's time, so my dad always took me along with him either taking care of our horses or fishing. I developed an unquenchable desire to do both! At the age of two, I had the German measles which caused my hearing loss. I have never let my hearing impairment slow me down or hinder me in any of my endeavors. Fishing is more than a hobby to me, it's an extreme passion!