WBT Angler Profile: Donna Rutledge

WBT pro Donna Rutledge 

Hometown: Thornton, Ill.

Age: 49

Occupation: Warehouse manager

High School: Thornwood High, South Holland, Ill.

How Long Bass Fishing: For the most part not very long. I was an observer at Neely Henry in 2008, and I guess I was hooked from there on because now it's all I want to do.

How Started Bass Fishing: I owe that one to Deb Wilkinson for allowing me to be an observer and to Shelly Perry for letting me fish from the back of her boat.

Career Dream: To fish the WBT Championship.

Career Highlights: I do not have any career highlights as of yet, but I will have some in the near future.

Favorite Bass Waters: Lake Neely Henry, Ala.

Big Bass: None so far.

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: Crankbaiting and spinnerbaiting

Pastime or Hobbies: Photography, playing online poker

Web site: dmrspics.shutterfly.com