Day On The Lake: Kevin Langill

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What follows is the afternoon session of Kevin Langill's "Day On The Lake."

After a lunch break and angler meeting, Kevin Langill launched back onto Lake Monticello under overcast skies. The fog had mostly burned off the lake from the morning session and there was a very slight breeze on the water.

1:05 — Langill starts throwing a football head in 20 feet of water, but quickly picks up a spinning rod rigged with a fluke when he sees a bass breaking the surface of the water on some shad.

1:07 — After five casts, Langill sets the hook, but doesn't connect. He is now holding the boat in 26 feet of water at the intersection of a roadbed and the creek channel. The water is 61 degrees and has about 4-5 feet of visibility.

1:19 — Langill picks up a worm and starts casting to isolated wood.

1:21 — His 20th cast is made when he spots a bass swirling on a minnow. By the time his fluke lands in the ripples, the bass is long gone.

1:24 — Balls of bait are making ripples in the water near the boat and anticipating a fish to soon come and feed in the area, Langill makes a cast to the center of the bait. A bass picks up his fluke and Langill sets the hook, but the fish pulls off after only two cranks of the handle.

1:51 — After a few frustrating minutes of seeing the bass busting shad in areas where the boat just passed, Langill theorizes that the bass are coming up in his wake when he trolling motors around and so he makes a few circles to see if he can create any schooling action.

2:03 — Langill has reached 77 casts in the afternoon and has picked up a big swimbait to catch a kicker fish after boating a nice limit in the morning.

2:12 — Cast 88 is made with a scrounger head as Langill is switching up baits trying to entice the schooling bass to bite.

2:39 — After breaking the 100 cast mark, Langill decides to slow down and picks up a big worm to probe the deeper wood. With the wind picking up slightly, it seems that the surface activity has died down for now.

2:47 — Kevin Langill picks up the trolling motor and runs across the lake to a short rocky point by the dam.

2:50 — On cast 118, Langill sets the hook, but comes up empty again on a shaky head.

2:55 — Langill makes a few casts with a worm, but then decides to make another more.

2:58 — After running all the way back across the lake, Langill has picked up a spinnerbait and, changing gears completely, is fishing in 2-4 feet of water along the outside of dead pad stems.

3:13 — Langill is back on a mid-lake point with time running out and is casting a texas-rigged creature bait.

3:30 — With only a few minutes left, Langill runs to the back on a creek arm and is fishing a secondary point covered with wood. Seeing a beaver pile, Langill fires a jig up into the area and catches a 2.5-pound bass on cast 168.

As he is landing and unhooking that last keeper, the boat gets pushed up closer to the beaver dam and looking into the water Langill sees a big fish spook out from near the boat and exclaims, "I just saw a 10-pounder. Wish he had bitten instead of that little one!"

With that, Kevin Langill's "Day On The Lake" is officially over, with one keeper boated in the afternoon to go with his 16 keepers from the morning session. The schooling activity kept Langill busy for most of the morning and even provided some excitement to chase after in the afternoon, but when the wind picked up, the bass became harder to target and he had to change gears.

"Day On The Lake" airs every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. ET on ESPN2.