'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 8

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    John Eckensair is a 22 year old who loves to go fishing, but can't afford a boat. He loves to take his two younger sisters out on the water for a good time, but seeing as how they have to rely on finding a dock to fish off of, which can be hard in some situations, or having to just tough it out standing on the bank, where there are snakes, bugs and all the other things that can make two younger sisters freak out, John has to come to a decision on how to make it where they can still get on the water without actually getting on the water…or he has to make a decision to fish without his sisters.

    So, John, like any other intelligent bass fishing fan, comes to the guys who solve the problems…BASS Tech! He stops in and the guys grill him about his problem trying to figure out how they can help him when Browning remembers that he saw Pro Angler Greg Hackney with a sliding truck bed to load his gear on in the back of his truck called a BedSlide. Browning thinks maybe the Bass Rats can figure out a way to make a BedSlide into a movable boat dock so that John and his sisters can back up to any lake and start fishing. The guys agree and start getting some product together.

    Ables and Kriet take over the project and start installing the BedSlide into the truck. According to the BedSlide company it only takes 8 bolts and Fifteen minutes to install, and they do it in even less time than that. Easy and effective. When lining up the BedSlide, Brownie nearly falls off of the back of the truck but G "saves his life" by "supervising" the hard at work guys. Brownie says he would've been alright because if he fell off he would've flown to safety, because he's used to flying because he does it in his dreams all the time. Ables says he's never flown in his dreams, and G wonders out loud if Chigger dreams. Chigger says that yes, he does, and G asks him what he dreams of when we suddenly see into Chigger's mind and see that he too dreams of flying, but that sometimes he crashes from out of the air.

    Next up after installing the BedSlide, the guys are figuring out what they can put into the bed of John's truck to really BASS Tech it out. G comes up with one thing, but Chigger rattles off about 20 different ideas and points out to G that he is no longer "the Idea Man" and that Chigger is now going to take that title because today he's "pumpin' out the hits." Brownie agrees with Chig.

    G does come up with one idea though…a chair in the middle of the BedSlide so that John or his sisters can take a load off and rest while bank fishing in their truck. G comes up with a way for the seat to become more stable and Brownie and Kriet take care of the detail work. Next up, Chig and Ables build a platform to extend past the truck end of the BedSlide so that there is even more space for John and his sister to maneuver about the back of the truck. It involves some wood cutting and some carpet application. G comments that Chigger might not be good at much, but he's a heck of a "stapler." Ables shows that he's not so good at it by popping a staple right in Chigger's ribs which leaves the big man yelping like a puppy. Next they install a box to hold all their gear and a battery box to power up new lights that Chig and Brownie add to the boat for them to have more visibility at night. John gets excited and Kate wants him to bring in his sisters to see the final result.

    TECH TIP: We run off from the BedSlide for a moment and show another invention made for safety and maneuverability on the water called the Boomer Rail. It's an installed aluminum rail basically running the length of the boat built originally for boaters that either have an handicap or difficulty getting up and down out of their seat or keeping their balance on the boat. It's a great product and work is being done to possibly work it more into being a standard item in most boats in the fishing industry.

    Now, back to the project at hand…John's two sisters come in a G overwhelms them by giving them new rods and reels and basically getting all up in their faces. Brownie and Kriet show the girls the lights, rod holders, and baits they got for them, along with the swivel seat they installed.

    The girls are happy and John is ready to get out on the water. G says he's tired of working and either John needs to take his sisters out on the water, or someone needs to take G fishing. John says he's gonna take his sisters, so G throws down some gear and runs off to pout while John and his sisters head out the door and to the lake to test out their new gear.

    Next week: What do you know about the Electronics in your boat? What don't you know? Some of the big pro's in Marine Electronics come in to teach you the in's and out's of how to read your GPS' and Sonar Depth Finders, and a youngster schools the Bass Rats on what's what in installing the latest in Sonar gadgetry.

    Product used on this Episode

    BedSlide 3050XL Installed sliding bed. : The 3050 XL is the economical standard model exclusively for the Chevy Avalanche and Cadillac EXT. But whatever your cargo management needs are, Bedslide has proven time and time again to be leading the industry in all your storage management needs.

  • Fully assembled

  • 2 Locking Positions

  • Powder Coat Finish

  • 22 Sealed Roller Bearings

  • 1000 lb. capacity evenly distributed

  • 4" steel side rails

  • 15 minutes to install and remove

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