'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 9

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    Quincy Byrd is our guest this week and he doesn't need anything done to this boat, motor, accessories or electronics...

    However, the reason he's here is because his dad Larry is a member of the Lowrance Electronics Pro Team and Quincy has been around marine electronics since he was a small child. He's picked up a lot and he's in the shop today to show the Bass Rats and you, the viewer, some tips on installation and proper usage of all the gear in your boat. First off , the Rats have questions about the proper way to install skimmer and puck depth finder/sonar/GPS receivers. Quincy runs them quickly through the in's and out's of skimmer placement, which should be on the bottom middle of your boat for maximum efficiency. Then he goes over where the Puck transmitter should go, if you choose to use that device, which also goes on the back middle part of the bottom of your boat.

    The boys get in the boat to see if it's all hooked up correctly while Chigger does the install. G asks if the transducer is in place, and Chigger rolls out from underneath the boat like he'd been taking a nap and just got awakened rudely yelling "Transducer in place!" Quincy then runs them through what is what on the screen and the boys are shocked to find out that some of the things they thought were fish for years may just be rocks or plant life. Quincy sets them straight.

    After that run-through, the boys pull out the boat and set up a table with several different Lowrance view screens and learn to dial down their sensitivity when too much is on the screen and that they shouldn't set a wavepoint on an area where they see a fish, but that they should scan to the left where the fish actually is and set their marker so later in the day should they want to return to the "spot where the fish are" that they don't go to the "spot where they aren't."

    "The Professor" Wilson Frazier stops in for Citgo Tech Talk and tells us that when you're looking at your depth finder, you may think that if you see something wide it's a big fish. Not true! He demonstrates by dropping a golf ball on a towel and then on a hard surface that the harder the surface, the higher the ball drops. This hold trues in seeing fish on your depth finder as well. When your sonar hits water, it only has a small reverberation, but when it hits a fish, it bounces back higher because there is something hard there...a fish. The higher your sonar bounces back, the bigger the fish probably is. A great lesson from the man with all the answers in Marine Electronics, Wilson Frazier. The Bass Rats then show some of their favorite things to do with Lowrance electronics. G points out that on a certain screen you can select that shows a odometer so you can see how far you went on a run so you can gauge how far it'll be to get back to the weigh in. Browning shows that you can make a clock appear on your screen to make sure you get back to the weigh in in time. Kriet shows that on the far right on the screen that you can see the real time what is directly under your boat which is also a great tip.

    Chigger comes in and says enough with all of this marine electronics talk and how the boys should pay attention to the coolest electronic offering...the Chigger Video Game. Coming out soon on the Chig-Box©, it's "Chigger Saves the World!" It's currently only available in Maylasia and the Lower Pacific Rim. Critics are doubtful it'll make release in the states, so don't hold your breath, kids. Chig challenges G to a game. The point of the game is that you're Chigger, and you have to clean the BASS Tech shop and do it without G distracting you. How cleaning the BASS Tech shop will save the world is beyond me, but I'm sure there is some merit in that claim somehow. Anyhow, the boys start it up, throw it in 2—player and about two minutes later G has whooped the tar out of Chigger at his own videogame, with the screen blinking "YOU'RE FIRED" to Chig.

    Chig high-tails it out of there with his personal belongings, but I'm sure he'll be back in the shop on Monday...I mean, what else does he have to do?

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