'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 4

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    Kyle Tomek is a high school senior and avid angler about to move off to college and wants to know how he can get out on the water and fish while he has some downtime. The problem is he needs a boat that he can transport on his own without a trailer and that is affordable and easy to move around and to store away at his dorm room.

    Cut to the shop, new guy Terry "Big Show" Scroggins and resident do-it-all man Ables were having an arm wrestling contest to initiate our newcomer. Chigger pointed out that no one has ever beaten Ables before, and two seconds later Big Show became the first to do so. G then remembered that Kyle was on his way.

    Kyle came into the shop with the BASS Tech crew and the boys got to work figuring out a way for him to get what he needs when Brownie came up with the idea to get a Kayak. One phone call later, the people at Heritage Kayaks sent a brand new unit for Kyle to use. G and the BASS Rats immediately said that while the Kayak was cool, it needed a lot more to leave the shop truly "BASS Tech'ed." Big Show said he wouldn't be paddling around in a kayak and would want a trolling motor installed. G pointed out that Kayaks are sometimes unstable and wanted to put some outriggers on it. Brownie wanted to put some Scotty Marine rod holders on and they all agreed that some electronics would be needed for Kyle to get the most out of his kayak.

    The boys got to work shortly thereafter and installed the Motorguide trolling motor and a mounting bracket. G and Brownie got to work putting the Castle Craft Outrigger on the front of the boat while Chigger took his sweet time cleaning the battery casing for 30 minutes while the rod holders were installed. Then the Rats started installing all the Lowrance electronics and showed Kyle how they worked. Big Show went through the steps of how to install a transducer with quick drying epoxy.

    Kyle seemed pretty excited about all the new gadgets and G dropped one last thing on him, which was a Lowrance iFinder Map and music which shows GPS coordinates and plays mp3s. Those things are hard to find, people! Kyle seemed to really dig that. The boys sent him off to college with a BASS Tech'ed Kayak and Chigger let everyone know that anyone can afford a kayak by cuttin' wood, runnin' a paper route and workin'...wherever. Good advice from a man who knows...

    Product used on this Episode

    Heritage Kayak Redfish 14

    Rod Holders, Accessory Mount:

    Gimbal mounts

    Triple rod holder:

    Anchor lock Mount:

    Paddle leash

    20" safety light:

    Emergency Pump

    LMX332C Sonar/GPS:

    iFinder Map & Music: Check with your local dealer. These can be hard to find!

    Motorguide 54 lb Thrust hand Control Trollong Motor:

    Cool Flow Mini transom mounting bracket:

    Castle Craft outrigger/stabilizer:

  • Tune in to "BASS Tech" Saturdays July through September at 7:00 a.m. on ESPN2.