'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 6

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    The project this week is one that you may very well have in your own driveway later this month on February 27th, 2006. Why, you ask? Because we have a brand new Triton boat in the shop that we're going to be giving away at the 2006 CITGO Bassmaster Classic and you could be the lucky person driving out of there with the new Triton with a big Mercury motor on the back of it…and some other new and groundbreaking gear...which we're going to be putting on today.

    First off, G talks to the boys about the boat…it's cool, it's new, it's got a lot of great stuff already on it and it's a top of the line rig that anyone would be happy with. But G likes to take stuff to the edge, so it's time to add on and add on until there's nothing left to add on. The trailer that comes with the boat is cool. It suits it's purpose and it works great...but since we're going for new and exciting, we hooked up with the folks at Pro Tour Trailers, who make an aerodynamic trailer with tons of storage and security features just right for a boat of this quality. Big Show points out that we need to secure the storage up front on the actual boat and installs a Loc-R-Bar security system so no one can break in and steal tackle/rods/etc.

    G points out that we could use some new electronics on the consoles to give the co-angler/non-boater a view of the GPS/Sonar action as well and brings in Wilson "The Professor" Frazier from Lowrance's pro team. Wilson is at all the BASS tournaments helping with any sort of electronic problem and generally has more know-how about way too much in electronics than anyone could feasibly ever use or want to know. G points this out by saying that "Wilson knows a lot about electronics...a lot...and he will talk to you about it...all of it." We then see what G is talking about while Wilson has some sound bytes showing his vast knowledge of electronics...and I don't understand a bit of it.

    The guys from ScreenPrintPlus are adding a boat wrap AND a trailer wrap on our new Pro Tour Trailer, and it's looking good. We talk to Al Fernandez from ScreenPrintPlus about how all the wrap graphics make it onto the boat and what you have to do to not make mistakes putting what is essentially a 20 foot long sticker on a huge investment like a pro model Triton boat.

    Big Show and G take out the front seat on the boat and install a mount called a Kwik Drop system. It enables you to drop the front seat 15 inches so you can see while you're running the boat. G thinks that that is pretty cool and Show agrees. Brownie and Ables are on the backside of the boat, working with Wilson and the guys from Cell-tec installing live-well monitors and a trolling motor battery gauge. This will keep your fish alive and oxygenated and the other will keep you updated on how much juice you have left in your rig to get back to the weigh-in. Big Show asks G where Chigger is today and G doesn't know…but he does know that Chig has been late four times this month and it's getting old.

    We cut outside to see Chigger walking in the snow...without a jacket. Chigger finally shows up to work and gets chewed out by G, to which Chigger responds that he'll punch G in the nose if he doesn't get off his back and that since it was snowing, he didn't know if we had work today because he didn't see a work closing notice on the TV. G just rolls his eyes and gets back to work. Chigger goes off and probably got some cheese crackers.

    The final touches are being put onto the boat and Chig shows back up with a new Pro Locker rod holder and some St. Croix rods for the lucky winner. G says "this thing looks good in here but let's get a real good look at it outside..."

    So we're outside moments later and the boat looks phenomenal. Flames shoot up and down the trailer and the boat is understated, classic, and cool. The boys seem excited and Browning wants to keep the thing, but he can't and we can't. It's going to be given away…maybe even to you!

    If you want a chance at winning the BASS Tech rigged out 2006 Citgo Bassmaster Classic Giveaway Triton Tr-21X boat and Pro Tour Trailer with all the gear seen on the show…be in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Outdoors Expo February 23-26, 2006 and visit the BASS Booth #1809. Get there early! A lot of people are going to want this bad boy and registration ends at noon, February 26, 2006. Good luck everyone and see you guys next week.

    Product used on this Episode

    Triton TR21X Dual Console
    : Are you ready to move to the next plateau with the ultimate tournament boat? The superior fishability of this Triton is a given - after all, it's the official boat of the Bassmasters Classic. But its extreme performance truly sets this boat apart from the competition. The new Tr21XHP. It's not for everyone. But maybe it's for you.

    Pro Tour Trailer Elite Boat Trailer: The future of boat trailers is behind you.

    ScreenPrintPlus Boat Wrap
    : Need to customize your company vehicle or boat with vinyl lettering? How about a banner to advertise your next big event? Screenprint Plus offers a wide variety of custom signs and banners to meet your every need.

    Kwik Drop Collapsible Pedestal Seat: Its not another "Pedestal" - it does something that no other Pedestal does. It drops Kwikly out of your vision path. Kwik Drop quickly gets the front seat out of your eyeline and makes running your boat quicker and more safe.

    Lowrance Two LCX-111C HD on Console: A professional sonar/GPS+WAAS unit with all the professional tools. The LCX-25C displays an incredible 480V x 640H resolution on a large 7" diagonal, 256-color TFT screen. Also compatible with NMEA 2000® networks. You get the choice of a dual- or single-frequency transducer, and with or without the GPS+WAAS antenna. And record/playback your sonar graphs and GPS details to MMC/SD cards, or load custom mapping via the two waterproof MMC/SD card slots.

    Celltek Cellstat SW1
    : The CELLSTAT SW1 is a computerized state of the artBattery monitor encapsulated within a Battery Master Enable Switch. The patented technology used detects and warns the user of Battery failure by illuminating Bright LED's mounted on the face of this device. These LED's reflect the Battery Status, Battery Voltage charge level, and the Alternator output. The CELLSTAT SW1 is continuously monitoring your Battery and Electrical system. Applications include Watercraft, RVs, Emergency Vehicles, Military Equipment, Trucking, Industrial and Commercial Heavy Construction Equipment and any other vehicle with one 12V Battery requiring Battery selection, isolation, or emergency disconnection.

    Celltek Monitroll: The MoniTroll computerized Battery monitors are designed to supervise up to three 12 Volt, (connected in series), 12V, 24V, and 36V Battery systems powering Trolling Motors. The function of the MoniTroll is to alert the user of potential Trolling Motor Electrical system problems before a power system failure occurs, i.e., (individual Battery failure, rapid depletion, or inadequate operating system levels).

    LOC-R-BAR Security System
    : When properly installed, LOC-R-BAR secures all deck lockers by extending across the entire deck surface, gunwale to gunwale. Even if thieves break out your hatch locks, they will not be able to open the lockers to get to your equipment.

    Pro Locker Rod and Reel Carrying System: Absolutely the best way to carry your fishing rods and reels ... loaded, ready to fish! No more tip tangle! You can carry three up to eight rods and reels 7'6" in length. GREAT for storage ... Excellent for travel — in your boat, truck, RV, SUV ... Always be loaded, rigged and ready to go! Two sizes available and five colors (or color combinations) to choose from.

    St Croix rods: If you'd known there was actually useful information — stuff you could use to forge excuses to fish longer — perhaps you would have stayed awake in your high school science class. Then again, maybe not. Hopefully, you at least paid attention during shop class. You know, the one where you learned how to repair small engines? As in boat motors. Oh well, there's plenty of science evident in every St. Croix rod. That will just have to do for now.

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