BASS Tech, Episode 2

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    Kim Striker is a professional hairstylist and weekend angler who is currently trying to get out on the road and fish in weekend tournaments. For those of you that don't know the logistics of going up and down the road and paying for food, hotels, bait, boats, and all the other things that you need to get the job done out on the water, it adds up quick and before you know it you're off the tour without a dime in your pocket. Kim knows our boys Skeet, G, and Quinn and came down to the shop to see if they could help her out in figuring a way to start camping instead of buying a hotel room every time she had to stop for an event. Skeet mentioned that he used to live out of his old truck when he first started fishing professionally and that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for Kim to do either. Kim mentioned she'd be able to make some money on the road by cutting hair and offered to cut Quinn's ponytail, which he quickly said "No Ma'am!"

    So the guys send Kim on her way and keep her truck at the shop for a little brainstorming. They decide to put a camper top on the back of her truckbed, and for an added bonus, install a sunroof in it. Now why would you install a sunroof on a camper top that is in most circumstances just used to cover things you're hauling? Because the Rats decided to make the bed of her truck…the bed of her mobile campground. First they carpeted it up with a BedRug installation custom fitted for her truckbed. Then they installed a Truckvault safe system into the bed that serves as a flat raised surface and a multi use drawer storage system for rods, reels, tackle, makeup, mirrors, and her hairstyling gear. Kim needs to be comfortable out on the road, so they got a memory foam mattress installed and even got some girly sheets and pillows for it.

    Peter Thliveros pops up and tells us about the Hypertech Power Programmer III and how it helped program his engine to conserve gas and work to optimum standards. Oh Peter T, you're a wild man! We'll use your product on Chigger and see if it makes him work any better or efficiently, but I don't think they have that kind of technology yet.

    Anyhow, the guys have the camping part, and it was ok…..but it wasn't truly decked out to the BASS Tech standards. So the boys called in our audio installing buddy George and he came in with some gear! Kim got two headrest DVD players, a Sirius Satellite Radio from Audiovox and Dockable Boombox, MTX Thunderdome speakers for her door speakers, a MTX Enclosed Cabinet under her backseat, a flip down DVD player in the camper area of the truck, and a full blown Lowrance GPS system up on her dash. NOW WE'RE TALKIN'! I should note that Chigger spends essentially the rest of his time on this project watching Randy Howell explain fishing techniques on DVD in the backseat of the truck.

    Time's running out and the boys are rushing around. Kim shows up and Kate Sullivan shows her the back of the building, and then the doors open and Skeet is sticking out of the top of the truck bumpin' and grindin' while her new speakers make with the BOOM BOOM BOOM. She says "cool" a whole lot and generally freaks out while the boys show her what all is on the truck…but they're saving one of the coolest things for last. They pull out a tent that fits around the back of her truck not only giving her sleeping space in the truckbed but living and chilling out space behind wherever her truck is parked. They also unveil the Twistep, a step to get into the back of the truck that hides under the truck when not in use. She loves it and can't wait to get out on the road with it. She's so excited she offers free haircuts to everyone! Quinn turns it down again before running away fearing for his folical life.

    Product used on this Episode

    Lowrance iWAY 500C:

    This portable color GPS navigation system shows you the way to any destination with a 5" touch-screen display and has a built in MP3 player. This system also gives you turn-by-turn directions with voice and visual guidance.

    Sportz Tent:

    This tent is designed to fit all full and mid-size SUV's, minivans and trucks with caps. The roomy tent sleeps 6, is waterproof, has no-see-um mesh on all windows, and is detachable to allow you to drive away leaving it to stand-alone.

    Leer Model 100R Truck Cap:

    The 100R protects your truck and cargo and heightens security. The standard features include recessed sliding windows with screens, 12 volt dome light, automotive paint, insulated roof, and limited lifetime color and structure warranty.


    The Bed Rug is the ultimate plastic bedliner. The molded foam bottom will not scratch your truck bed, it's easy to clean, the cushioned floor is "knee friendly," and it is waterproof and stain resistant. It makes a great sleeping surface for camping.


    The Twistep is an instant multi-use step that provides better access to your pickup. It's 3 products in 1: a stair step, a sturdy platform, and a seat. The step is easy to install. It comes with an anti-theft lock, holds up to 500 pounds on a Class III hitch, and has corrosion-resistant coating.

    MTX Road Thunder 10" 2-Way Split Box:

    These enclosures put Road Thunder quality sound on wheels. Each enclosure contains an MTX woofer and a semiconductor tweeter. Put sound where you need it with 125 watts and 4 ohms each.

    MTX Thunder Dome-Axial Speakers:

    These speakers offer crystal clear sound and ease of installation. They have a shallow mounting depth for easier installation. Some features include soft dome tweeter, treated foam surround, and newly designed graphite style grille.

    ThunderForm Enclosure (Amplified):

    This fits right beneath the rear seat and are vehicle-specific. They're available in a variety of colors to match your vehicle's interior. The enclosure delivers high quality sonic performance with the Thunder 4500 subwoofers.


    The two drawer standard height provides an exceptional amount of storage. The carpeted top surface is capable of supporting up to 2000 pounds. You can choose from 5 colors (black, cinder, grey, beige, blue). It has silver T-handler lock(s), spring-loaded handles and comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Webasto Hollandia 524 GrandView Panoramic Sunroof:

    These sunroofs are designed to give you the most sunshine and most enjoyable driving experience available. Some of the features include: 2 large 4.5 square feet glass panels, one huge opening, and a very clean interior finish.

    Audiovox VOD1023 Dropdown Mobile Video Monitor w/ DVD Player:

    This brilliant 10.2 inch dropdown screen for your vehicle from Audiovox has a built in DVD player, and built-in 6 channel FM modulator.

    Audiovox HRDV700 Dual Custom Headrest Replacement:

    This is the DVD custom headrest system from Audiovox with two beautiful 7-inch screens both with slot load DVD players that can play movies or video games.

    Audiovox Sirius Boombox Docking Station:

    Audiovox Sirius Plug N' Play Receiver:

    The beauty of the Audiovox Sirius Plug N' Play Receiver is its uncommon versatility. Snap the receiver into the vehicle docking station for an in car solution, or snap the receiver into its portable boombox solution and take satellite radio on the boat, campsite or where ever you go.