Bill Jordan's Realtree Outdoors 2008 Episode 11

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Realtree Outdoors 2008 — Episode 11

According to Bill Jordan, Episode 11 of Realtree Outdooors highlights two of the most personally rewarding hunts ever captured by the Realtree cameras. One reason the show is so close to Jordan's heart is because it features his family land – Realtree Farms. But it was what happened on the land the days the cameras were rolling that has Jordan grinning from ear to ear.

"We have approximately 3000 acres of family land in Georgia," Jordan says. "Realtree Farms manager Roger Culpepper has done an outstanding job managing the land and the deer herds. We farm the property for wildlife with corn and soybean fields. We plant a lot of chicory and clover as well. Roger has worked so hard to make the most out of the land and the deer, and its beginning to truly pay off."

Earlier in October, with the Realtree cameras rolling, Jordan took a nice 12 pointer on the property with his bow. He was thrilled with the outcome of the hunt, but the season highlight for Jordan was his son Tyler's November hunt on the farm.

Culpepper had set up numerous trail cameras throughout the property and had photo proof of several big deer in the area. According to the images, one of the biggest bucks was hanging out on a ridgeline. After reviewing the trail cam pictures, Tyler decided he wanted to go after the big deer that hung out on the ridge.

On the day of his hunt, Tyler setup on the ridgeline with Culpepper as a guide with the hopes of spotting the big buck. They didn't have to wait long before an impressive 167-inch whitetail — the same deer caught on camera — showed up. Tyler had been waiting for this moment and was prepared. As soon as the deer presented a shot, Tyler smoked him with his rifle.

"I was so excited about Tyler's deer," Jordan says. "He took an exceptional buck -- the biggest buck taken off of the farm so far and his biggest deer to date. It had a 5x5 mainframe rack with a couple of kicker points. I'm so proud of him, and I'm also proud of the quality of deer that Roger is managing on the property. He's done an outstanding job making the most out of the land and the animals on it."

In addition to the hunts, Jordan treats viewers to a first-ever tour of Realtree farms. Fans get to see everything from buildings and equipment to toys that the Jordan boys enjoy during their time away from school and the office.