Driven to Hunt Blog - Show 7

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His hat reads, "Real men work in the pits" but for Jeff Hammond, being the crew chief for NASCAR legend, Daryl Waltrip would propel him out of the pits and into a career as one of the most knowledgeable commentators in the sport.

The hectic pace of pit row took Hammond's full focus throughout most of his adult life, and only after stepping away from pits would Hammond find the time to pursue his other passion- hunting.

We caught up with in central New Mexico, with the elk in full bugle. Hammond grew up hunting with his Grandad for smaller game around the woods of the Southeast, but any dreams of a Western big game hunt as a boy took a backseat for the excitement of the track.

And now, that dream was finally coming true. Hammond heard the bugle and his heart began pounding. You could see him slow down, with total focus and intent, and you understood why he was so successful under pressure.

It's the same reason Jeff loves rodeo and roping-that focus, that complete immersion required for success drives him. Whether hunting, or racing, or on the back of a horse, the work ethic of a "Real man" working in the pits has served him well.