World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog

I know what you're thinking… Mark Zona and Bill Dance two guys who made a name for themselves bass fishing, why do a show chasing big catfish? The simple answer… we wanted to do something different. The real answer… catfish is the biggest thing Zona could catch near Bill's hometown in Tennessee.

What a fun show this was. Bill Dance is truly one of the greats, not just as a TV guy, but as a human being you want to spend time with. I'm not afraid to admit that showing up to produce a show with him is a little intimidating. Gee… he's only been doing fishing television for over 40 years, what's to be nervous about?
But the moment Bill stepped out of his truck he treated us like we were the crew he had been working with for four decades and this shoot became just like any other WGFS… a trainwreck of fun.

Before I get to random… I want to say thanks to James "BigCat" Patterson. BC has perfected the art of catching catfish on the Mississippi and definitely worth checking out if you're interested.

OK back to Dance… We were happy to meet him anywhere to shoot this show, but going to Memphis seemed perfect to me. My first thought was that Zona would tour Graceland and spend the entire day fishing in a jumpsuit fit for the King of Rock and Roll. But I quickly realized that wouldn't be necessary… who needs the king of rock and roll in the boat when you're fishing with the king of bass fishing?

When you think about it similarities between Bill Dance and Elvis are eerie…

  • They both called the Memphis area home.

  • They are both cultural icons.

  • Both inspired countless followers.

  • Elvis brought us "All Shook Up"… Dance taught all to "hook up".

  • Elvis introduced the world to gyrating hips… Bill's last name is Dance.

  • Women constantly fell in love with Elvis… Dance constantly falls in lakes.

  • Both are famous for sitting. Dance in a boat… Elvis on a toilet.

  • I apologize for that last one…